Signe Bådagård

Raised in a large family of musicians originating from Jämtland. In the last 10-ish years, mixed freelance work with music studies and odd jobs in all possible fields, but mainly in the fashion industry, which has always been a great interest. Graduated from the Royal Academy of Music in 2018 and released my debut album last spring, just before the pandemic hit. Then I decided to skip the nursing program and get involved in something completely different. In the middle of it all, I also became a mother for the first time – something I had longed for all my life.

Profession: Singer (artist, composer, and vocal coach, among other things) and soon-to-be nurse
Lives: Southern suburbs, in Stockholm
Family: Partner and son Arthur, born in September 2021
Instagram: @amnesigne
Spotify: Signe
Currently: On parental leave but working extra as a model, muse, and test pilot for Boob.

Hi Signe! So great that we get to do this interview with you. The first time we got in touch was when you were pregnant and signed up as a test pilot for Boob on our site. Since then, you've become a mom to Arthur. Congratulations!

Thanks! It's so cool to become a parent. You suddenly feel so much older and wiser. And you are, in a way. For me personally, I would say that it means I have more authority and care less about what people might think of me. I think I've become kinder to myself.


You have a long background in the music industry as a singer, composer, vocal coach, and artist and had released your debut album just a few weeks before the pandemic hit. Tell us what happened and what your thoughts were?

Well, when the spread of the infection started in Sweden, I was (like many others, I guess) completely paralyzed. I thought the end of the world was coming. So I didn't think at all about the fact that I (unfortunately) couldn't go out and gig with the newly released music, but more about: what is actually happening now? But then my boyfriend (who is also a musician) and I took advantage of the new involuntary free time that appeared in the calendar and isolated ourselves for a few weeks at my summer house and wrote new music instead. I thought a lot about the future, security, and narcissism, hehe. I thought that if I were to get another education, it must be something that feels secure and stable compared to freelance work, but also good for the soul and totally selfless.

With your background in music and now studying healthcare, what are your future dreams?

What a dream it would be to work part-time as a nurse (maybe as a midwife, a little idea I have) side by side with creating music and preferably with a fully equipped big fat studio in the garden where my partner and I can spend the rest of the time and create music with our friends and colleagues. I hope that healthcare salaries continue to develop in the right direction and that the career choice doesn't have to mean completely wearing out your body and mind as many unfortunately have done during the pandemic.


You've worked a lot in fashion and have a big interest in clothes. Do you have any clothing tips to share with other pregnant or new moms?

I thought it was a bit fun to challenge my wardrobe with my new circumstances. Go through what works and what doesn't; maybe a sweater you haven't worn in a long time becomes the new favorite because it works so well for pregnancy? Most "regular" clothes can be used despite pregnancy. What you might need to get early on, in my experience, is comfortable maternity pants. But skip buying those ugly, tight, uncomfortable skinny jeans that are often found in maternity sections, and instead get stylish ones that can be used afterward too. If you're only going to buy one pair - go for ones that work as both "dress pants" and sweatpants.

During your pregnancy and as a new mom, you've helped us at Boob as a fit model, test pilot, photo model, and general muse for our upcoming fall collection. Thank you so much! Do you have any favorites in the Boob collection you'd like to recommend?

All the maternity pants. During my pregnancy, I lived in the Once-on-never-off ankle-length pants with sewn creases because they look like dress pants. You feel dressed in a way you don't in tights or sweats, but they feel like sweats. The best of both worlds. When it became high summer, I switched them out for biker shorts and various comfortable dresses (which I can also wear next summer since they are breastfeeding-friendly) – for example, the ribbed Signe dress. Now as a non-pregnant, breastfeeding, and mostly at home on the couch mom, I looooove the Once-on-never-off lounge pants. Feels like floating around on a cloud. I also love (like everyone else) Boob's nursing bra The Go-To Bra, which I have in all colors AND your merino wool bra which is insanely comfortable and keeps me warm now in winter.

What role has music played for you during your pregnancy and as a new mom?

During pregnancy, it was summer, and the belly and I hung out with dad on tour. So it was roadie life, and my son got to hear many great concerts from the belly. Now as a new mom, it's so exciting that I get to rediscover music that I love through him. Every time he hears a song, it's for the very first time. Arthur loves music and gets very calm when we put on a record and sing along. Since I am the daughter of a musician myself, I also know how important it has been to "hang out" as a child, at concerts and rehearsals, etc. So we took him to his first music festival (where his dad was going to play) when he was only 11 weeks old. It went great :)

Do you sing to your son? Has he had any specially composed songs dedicated to him yet?

Of course! I've been digging in my memory for the lullabies my mom sang to me and made sure to learn the lyrics properly now that I've become a mom myself. I think my boyfriend has written several songs for Arthur already, and we have a little idea that we might record together, as a feature which feels fun. We've never released anything together before, so maybe it will be a joint single from mom and dad, who knows.

Do you have any life hacks to share that make everyday life easier?

Forget routines in the beginning; they will come later. Enjoy that the day can be a bit fragmented for a while and take the opportunity to rest when it works. When the evening restlessness hits – put a thin blanket over his eyes and turn on the kitchen fan = zzzzz

What do you hope to pass on to your son?

It may sound cliché, but the most important thing is that he becomes an empathetic and good person who understands that all people are equally valuable and why society needs to be built to cater to all kinds of needs. Then, of course, we hope he will share his parents' great interest in music and want to explore it in his own way. No pressure, hehe.

3 things you don't want to be without as a new mom?

1. Baby wrap/carrier (how DO you do it otherwise?!) 2. My TV 3. My coffee maker

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