Opokua Britton

Worked as a nurse since 2009 and as a doula since 2019. One job has influenced the other. I gave birth to my first child at the Swedish hospital SÖS in Stockholm and learned a lot. That experience, combined with what I have seen and learned over the years as a doula, made me want to have my second child at home. I love cooking and have, among other things, prepared postpartum meal bags, which I hope to start doing again after my parental leave.

Occupation: Nurse, doula, hypnobirthing instructor, podcaster
Living: Currently in Portugal, usually in Stockholm
Family: Husband, two biological children and one stepchild
Instagram: @curlydoula
Current projects: The book "Föda", the podcast "Okrystat" with Asabea and Opokua, online course (Hypnokurs.se), and writing a new book. And I am on parental leave.

Hi Opokua, we're excited to do this interview with you. Thank you for taking the time to talk with us and share who you are. Since this spring, you're a mother of two - congratulations! How are you and your family? Have you and your partner experienced the famous two-child shock?

It's up and down like it is for most people, but overall, I'd say we're all doing well. I found it surprisingly easy with one child, so I was ready to hit the two-child wall, but most days it goes really well. I've had good support around me, and my husband and I make a good team. Things keep changing as both kids get older.



You are so inspiring and juggle many roles. You're a mom, partner, influencer, author, doula, and podcaster. Wow! How do you prioritize what's most important to you?

Thank you! Sometimes it feels like I'm working in a vacuum, so it's always nice to hear that I inspire someone. But prioritizing isn't always easy. I try to prioritize my well-being first so I have the energy for everything else. The kids come next, then my partner, and then everything else. I find my work very enjoyable and energizing, so working is often a form of self-care for me. It's a positive loop. I've also gotten better at saying no when I don't feel up to something. That helps a lot.

As we mentioned, you work as a doula and collaborate a lot with your sister Asabea, including your podcast "Okrystat." How did you both end up in similar fields, and how is it working with your sister?

It's not exactly the same field, but within the same area. My sister is a midwife, and I'm a nurse and doula. The medical side probably runs in our family. I found my passion for birth work after having my own children and then being asked to attend my sisters' and best friend's births. I missed working in palliative care, and the feeling I got supporting births was similar to the feeling I had supporting those nearing the end of life. It's an incredible gift to be part of life's extremes.

What is the best part of being a doula?

Experiencing human magic over and over again. It's incredibly powerful. It's wonderful to be part of making the birth experience positive. Most people remember a birth their whole life, so it's something you want to remember with joy.

As a doula, what tips do you have for first-time parents?

Think about how you want the birth to be. Write it down, talk with those who will be there so you have a shared plan. Also, plan for the early days after the baby is born. Consider what you need to feel safe, be informed about your rights, and learn about the body and its amazing capabilities.

You and your family moved to Portugal last fall. Tell us more!

We took a train trip with Asabea, her son, and my parents from Stockholm to Madrid, which was amazing. Then we took a bus to Lisbon. We've lived in Ericeira, the Azores, and recently arrived in Tavira before spending the last months in Lisbon. It's been so fun to go on this adventure with my family. We've spent more time together than ever and experienced so much. Traveling with kids is something I highly recommend.

How has life changed since the move? What are your future plans?

The big difference is fewer distractions. I've worked much less than I did at the beginning of my parental leave, and we don't have the same social network, so we spend more time together, which is nice. Almost too much, haha! For the future, I'm figuring out what I want. But likely it will include nursing, doula work, podcasting, running courses with my sister, writing another book, and if I have time, cooking postpartum meals for new parents.

We're so glad you and your baby were models for our recent photo shoot, thank you! What were your favorite pieces of clothing during pregnancy and breastfeeding? Anything you couldn't live without?

My absolute favorite is the Fast Food Elevate Bra - Small band. It's the only bra I use right now! I've also used the wool fleece hoodie a lot. It's nice when you're outside and don't have to lift everything up to breastfeed in the cold.

As a mother of two, what things do you never leave the house without?

A baby carrier. A ring sling or woven wrap now that my son is a bit heavier. Stretchy when he was under 7 kg.

And finally, do you have any good life hacks to make daily life smoother?

Babywearing has helped a lot. With two small children, I often need my arms free. My child loves being close, so he's happy in my arms, which makes things easier. Breastfeeding is also a hack for us. The food is always ready, nutritious, and at the right temperature. Plus, it makes nighttime easier, provides oxytocin boosts for both of us, and gives a lot of closeness.

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