Chili Bendt

Occupation: Founder of Bomber Management, DJ, and PR & Community Manager at A house Stockholm.
Living: Gamla Enskede in Stockholm, Sweden
Instagram: @chilibendt
Current projects: Model for Boob fall/winter 18 and sharing homemade organic skincare tips and other life hacks on Instagram @chilibendt.

Tell us a little about your journey and how you have become who you are.

I grew up in Nacka with my mom and sister. I'm the youngest child, my older brothers had already moved out when I came into the picture. I didn't have the best conditions and resources, but I think my constant search for more and my creativity gave me the tools to become who I am today. I've always been interested in fashion design and music and studied textile fashion design in high school.

After graduation, my focus was on partying. During that time, I started DJing and organizing clubs around Stockholm. That way, I built a large network within the fashion, club, and music industries. I've tried different things and ended up where I am. Sometimes it meant being a cleaner on Viking Line and sometimes being a PR Manager at a hyped fashion company. I've never had a plan but instead strived to do things that I enjoy at the moment. Right now, after some maturity and experience, I work as PR & Community Manager at A house Stockholm, a meeting place for creative companies in food, fashion, and media. On the side, I DJ and am starting Bomber Management, a creative management for female artists in pop and rock.


Who is in your family?

My husband Gustav and our son who is due in September. My mom Matilde, my siblings Jocelina, Victor, and Johan, and all their children. Gustav's mom, dad, and brother with his wife and children.

What do you think about the most right now?

Our son. Not a second goes by without me thinking about him and everything we're going to do together. Which has made me... a bit slow. Nothing else fits in my brain right now. Could this be what they mean by pregnancy brain?

In what environment do you thrive the most?

At home in beautiful Gamla Enskede. I love being out among people, networking, and listening to or playing music, but nothing beats the peace at home. I love being alone; I am my best company.

How have you experienced your pregnancy so far?

I think I've had a fairly typical pregnancy so far. I've been extremely tired for the first four months, had some pelvic pain and nausea. There are so many strange things happening to the body that feel like a total surprise, like having nosebleeds every other day. But the biggest surprise is probably that I've been so harmonious and calm. I've never argued so little or been so in love with my husband as now. I hope it lasts even after the pregnancy.


Name three things you don't want to be without during pregnancy?

My wonderful husband who fixes everything, drives me wherever I want, lets me choose food and TV series, buys everything I'm craving, and is just generally supportive and encouraging. It's nice to do this with him. There are no material things that I feel are necessary right now. I'm glad I have a roof over my head, a stable economy, a partner, support from family and friends, good healthcare, and not too many pregnancy complaints. I could just as well live in a place where healthcare isn't sufficient for everyone, or in a war-torn country that I'm forced to flee from.

What do you hope to pass on to your child?

Openness, creativity, and the courage not to follow the crowd. I hope he inherits his father's humility, humor, tolerance, and musical talent. But none of that would matter if he doesn't have empathy for other people.

How do you wish the world your child grows up in looks?

Right now is really a sad time to have a child. Incomprehensibly tragic things are happening in the world. But there will always be crazy people in power positions. An ideal world would be a society without conflicts, where everyone has the same opportunities regardless of who they are, how they look, or what their sexual orientation is. Besides that, I want our son to know that he doesn't have to follow the typical mold. We will do everything to convey just that.

As a person who travels a lot, what places are you looking forward to experiencing with your child?

Gustav and I travel to Italy every summer. We start in Rome and then move on to discover new places in the country. It's something I want to continue doing with our son. We went there on our honeymoon and when we found out we were having a baby. Viva Italia!
I know Gustav has plans to travel around Europe in a VW bus at some point in the future. It's something he did as a child and wants to pass on to our family. I have family in Cape Verde, and my sister and I share a small apartment at the back of our mom's house there. I want to spend my winters there with my whole family. Cape Verde is beautiful but rough and poor. I want our son to experience that world and culture, to understand how the world looks and where his family comes from.

You are a DJ and music lover. What songs do you play or will you play for your child?

Besides the music I choose for myself, I listen to music where Gustav sings or is part of the choir. I imagine it calms our son and that he will recognize Gustav's voice. Then I have a goal during maternity leave to listen through our entire vinyl collection of a few thousand records, so he will hear everything from punk, afro-rock, prog-rock, synth, blues, pop, and reggae very early.

What do you think about your style and clothes as a pregnant woman?

I'm interested in fashion and like to express myself with clothes, but I think it's a challenge when pregnant. I try to wear my regular clothes as much as possible. Pants are out, but most other things work. You have to learn to be creative with what you have.


What is at the top of your wish list?

I'm extremely spoiled. I have everything I need and then some. But a healthy, safe, and happy child who sleeps and eats well would be magical. And that I feel good physically and mentally after the birth.

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