Nicole Falciani

Grew up in Stockholm with an Italian father and a Swedish/Italian mother. Started blogging at the age of 10, and for the past 10 years, I have worked full-time as an influencer. However, I am a jack-of-all-trades who loves trying new things. Among other things, I have lectured, been a TV host, and published two books with a third on the way! Besides that, I am crazy about dogs, have two dachshunds, and volunteer at a dog shelter in Rome.

Occupation: Influencer and presenter
Living: Rome, Italy
Family: Partner Adem and dachshunds Bruno and Frank
Instagram: @nicolefalciani
Currently working on: Releasing my third book at the end of the year and participating in "Underdogs" which airs on SVT in spring 2023.

Hi Nicole! It's so fun that we get to do this interview with you. We got in touch just as you found out you were pregnant. Congratulations on your pregnancy! Now you are 24 weeks along (as of October 1st). How are you feeling now?

I'm feeling relatively good, thank you.

Describe your pregnancy in three words?

Scary, nervous, and big

You recently moved to Rome, tell us more?

My partner Adem and I have lived in Rome for 1.5 years and we love it!! We spontaneously decided to move to Italy in February 2021, and on April 1st we were on a flight from Stockholm to Rome.

What are your future dreams?

It's hard to answer! I take most things in life as they come, but my two big career dreams are to continue presenting and to get into acting.


There is a lot of uncertainty in the world right now. What kind of world do you want your children to grow up in?

Of course, I want my child to grow up in a magical, safe, and peaceful world where everything is calm and joyful. Unfortunately, reality doesn't reflect that, but my job will be to do my very best to make my daughter a calm and secure person.

You are a real multitasker: influencer, presenter, author, entrepreneur, and soon-to-be mother. Wow! How do you prioritize your time and do you have any routines that create balance in all of this?

Yes, I have always liked having many balls in the air and my hope is to continue doing so in the future. Probably at a slower pace, but I still like the variety in my profession. I have to admit that I'm not very good at routines. But when the baby comes, it's probably time to become more structured.

How do you think you will be as a parent?

I will do my best to be a calm and harmonious mother while also having clear rules.

You've announced that you're expecting a daughter. What quality do you hope to pass on to her? Is there any quality you hope she doesn't inherit? ;)

I hope she becomes an open-minded person, but I don't want her to inherit my stubbornness. That would be really tough for me, haha!

You were recently a model for us. It was so fun working with you! Do you have any favorites in the Boob collection that you'd like to recommend?

Oh yes!! I absolutely fell in love with your lounge pants, they really go with everything and are soooo comfortable.


How would you describe your pregnancy style?

My pregnancy style has mostly consisted of tight knit dresses. Simple, stylish, and comfortable.

Do you have any strange pregnancy cravings you want to share?

I had some weird cravings at the beginning. Cheese puffs and red meat. I could eat half a bag of cheese puffs a day. But since then, I haven't had any particular cravings.

Finally, what are your best tips for other pregnant women?

Listen to your own body, be kind to yourself, and try to keep up with exercise if you can!

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