Andrea Bergart

Occupation: Artist and Designer
Residence: New York City, USA
Family: My husband and I have a child named Montague, but we call him Monty. He is named after the charming British gardener and author Monty Don!
Instagram: @andreabergart



I am a visual artist and designer living in New York, USA. I grew up in a suburb of Boston, near the woods of Maine, but New York has been my home for over 11 years now. I live in an old knitting factory where I have my studio on the ground floor and my apartment upstairs. I create paintings and illustrations that reference various visual traditions, such as woven textiles, urban fashion, lines on basketball courts, and geometric shapes. I also create public artworks, such as paintings on cement trucks and sailboats. Recently, I made a painting on a basketball court in Providence, Rhode Island. Besides art, I also create handbags made from various sports equipment and manufactured here in New York.

You just gave birth to your first son - how are you feeling?

I am tired! Being a mom is hard, and there are many emotions involved. One minute I am exhausted, overwhelmed, and about to cry, and the next minute, he smiles, and my heart races with pure joy.

You are an artist based in New York; can you tell us a little about your background?

I have always liked creating with my hands. I paint and draw, but I also create larger paintings that have taken me outside my studio. I have painted on cement trucks, sails for sailboats, and most recently, I made a large painting on a basketball court. I also work with textiles and a special technique called "Solar Printing," which involves painting with UV-reactive dyes. Besides this, I create handbags made from balls used in sports.


Speaking of art, basketball seems to have a prominent place in some of your recent projects (like the recent iconic basketball bag) - can you tell us how sports inspire you in your creative process?

I like to keep my body moving - whether it's running, taking a long walk with Monty, or playing basketball with my friends. I think activity and movement inspire my creative processes; it keeps the ideas flowing and gives me space to daydream.

Who are some of your favorite artists, modern or historical?

One of my favorites is Niki de Saint Phalle! A few years ago, I went to the Tarot Garden in Tuscany, Italy. What an experience! Her spirit was so present, and as a new mom, her work speaks to me even more today. Women are powerful - beautiful creators and beings!

As an artist, how does your creativity influence your wardrobe choices?

I tend to choose combinations that relate to my visual language. I often think about mixing patterns, textures, and contrasts, but ultimately, I want to feel comfortable. I don't take my personal style too seriously.


What were your favorite pieces of clothing during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

Black maternity pants with stretch! And stretchy clothes that I already had. I also wore a lot of my husband's pants. :)

How do you incorporate sustainability into your daily life and the art you create?

I enjoy swapping and sharing clothes with my friends. A pre-loved garment is always special.

Favorite pieces from our new collection?

I like the new lounge pants and the black The Go-To Bra.

As a new mom, what things do you never leave home without?

Haha, I don't go far from home these days, but on my long walks, I always have my face mask, a beaded necklace, and a beret that my friend gave me. I also always have headphones with me because I always listen to "The Daily" or a friend's Spotify playlist. And water! I am always thirsty!


Has your job as an artist influenced you as a mom?

Creativity has definitely helped me come up with different games and songs. It's fun to play and be silly. I think my son likes those moments the best. I also think that being an athlete has helped me prepare for long days of taking care of a sometimes not-so-happy baby.

What are you most looking forward to this year?

Warmer weather (!) and taking Monty on his first trip to the West Coast so he can dip his little toes in the Pacific Ocean.

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