Kaitlyn Tru

I grew up on a ranch in a small town outside of Texas. My mother was an herbalist, interior designer and artist and her work has always influenced me. I have been very active in sports and am also artistic. In my first dream job, I worked as a photographer, so I always had my camera with me everywhere. I started my first blog in 2009 in college before Instagram and graduated with a degree in marketing. Then I worked for a bit before deciding to stay home with my first son Revel and build our family.

Profession: Stylist, marketing strategist, creator, and occasional vintage clothing seller.
Residence: Texas, USA
Family: My husband Ryan and I have 3 boys, Revel – who we had when we were 21 and still kids ourselves – River, and Roket.
Instagram: @trufolk
Currently working on: Right now, I'm working with a bunch of amazing brands, freelancing in styling and marketing consulting.

Kaitlyn, thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us! You are a mother of three boys, and your youngest was born last fall. How are you feeling right now?

I feel so grateful for this life, full of love and beauty. I’m happy to work from home with fantastic brands, but I also feel very tired!


You are a true multitasker: mom, partner, stylist, content creator, vintage seller. Wow! How do you prioritize what's most important to you?

Honestly, I find prioritizing very difficult. However, family is always the most important, followed by self-care, which helps me do my best and organize tasks with deadlines.

Your feed is filled with wonderful interior pictures that are minimalist yet warm. What are your biggest inspirations when it comes to interior design?

I love Noguchi’s sculptures and installations. And I love Axel Vervoordt. Oh, and the amazing Instagram account @casagitane. They all have an earthy wabi-sabi sense of minimalism that I really relate to.


Which accounts do you follow on social media for inspiration?

I run an inspiration account myself, @seasonedfolk, which I constantly update. I like to look through it often just to stay true to my own aesthetic style. Instagram makes it so easy to be unconsciously influenced – I try to just be myself.


You are featured in our new spring/summer collection, which is about building a foundation and adding your own classics – what are your must-have pieces to get through pregnancy and breastfeeding?

For pregnancy – anything elastic. Culottes, lounge pants, etc. I also love tunics with draped scarves. For breastfeeding, I prefer anything with easy access. Nursing tops that I can open from the sides or neck and don't feel restricted in.


Favorite item from our collection?

Your nursing shirt! I wear it very often. There’s something about a shirt that makes you feel so dressed up.

You are a mom of three yourself. What are your best tips for first-time mothers?

Your parenting style will grow alongside your child. Remove all your expectations, and everything has a way of being beautiful.

What are you most looking forward to in the coming months?

Summer weather for sure. And maybe getting a bit more freedom now that the kids need me less, hahaha.

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