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Single mom interviews

Singles' Day

Moms are true superheroes, no doubt about it. Now for Singles' Day, we'd like to shine a light on single moms. Read our interviews with three single moms and learn more about their experiences and lessons from their daily lives.




Profession: Full-time student with my own social media company on the side
Lives: Nacka, Sweden
Instagram: @lisamariajonsson
Family: Daughter Sia

You had an unplanned pregnancy with a man you were not in a relationship with and you chose to keep the child even though he did not want to be involved. How did you make the decision to have a child on your own?

I wanted to be a mother, so the family constellation didn’t matter.

What is most challenging about being a single parent?

There’s never enough time. It’s tough to just go shopping. You have to prioritize what is most important!

What is the biggest advantage of being a single parent?

I get all the love for myself. Or, well, most of it anyway. A little goes to grandma, too!


What is your best advice for someone thinking about having a baby on their own?

Do it! If it’s a family you’re waiting for, I think it’s silly to sit and wait for a love relationship. You can find that later, if it’s still something you want.

Describe your parenting in three words?

Intensive, fun and full of love.

What has parenthood taught you about yourself?

I am significantly calmer than I ever thought I could be. I found peace in myself that I had been looking for a long time, and all that I needed was Sia 🤍




Profession: Store manager
Lives: Visby, Sverige
Instagram: @dani.mond
Family: My daughter and I. I’m very close to my mother and twin sister.

During the pregnancy, you and your partner chose to separate. How did you make the decision to go through with the pregnancy on your own?

First of all, I had the support of my family, my mother and sister. I was 30 years old and felt that my biological clock was ticking. I have also had difficulty having children, so it felt in a way that it was meant to be.

Your ex still lives in Mozambique, but you have started a new life in Visby, Sweden and now work as a store manager and run your Instagram account. How do you make the puzzle of life fit together?

By taking one day at a time and not being too hard on myself. I also have help from my family.

What is your best advice to other single parents?

It may sound cliche, but take one day at a time and focus on what you and your child need today.

Describe your parenting in three words?

Joy, Calm, Energy


What has parenthood taught you about yourself?

That I am very calm as a person and, with patience, you can go a long way.

What do you hope to pass on to your daughter?

The courage to take a chance on something you believe in and have fun!




Profession: Blogger
Home: A house in the forest in Borås, Sweden
Instagram: @theodoralarsson
Family: Children Leia, 14; Cornelia, 12; Jasper, 10; and latecomer Albus, who I had with Anton.

You became a single mother when you were expecting your third child and then you were a full-time single parent for 6 years with three children. What was the biggest challenge of being a single parent?

Everything was a challenge at first. Lack of sleep, routines, activities, finances, shopping, illnesses, etc. But for me it was a bigger challenge to mentally accept my situation and the fact that I wasn’t always enough. I had to teach myself to live with feelings of inadequacy pretty much every day. I tried to be two parents at the same time, but it didn’t work. I’m only one person.

How did you make the puzzle of life come together?

I became an expert at lists, weekly planning and not booking more than 1-2 important things in a week. One important rule was to catch up with all the everyday things with the children.


You met Anton on a Swedish dating show about single moms in 2019, and in 2021 you had your son Albus together. What gave you the courage to take the step of having children with a new man after what you’d been through?

I had decided that I didn't want any more children. I was scared and didn't want a partner again. But then suddenly Anton was there. He made me feel safe and never gave me reason to be afraid like I had been before. Suddenly it became the most obvious thing in the whole world that we should try to have a child together.

You are now the mother of four children. What has parenthood taught you about yourself? What do you hope to pass on to your children?

Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned, but that can turn out to be a good thing in the end. I really want to pass that on to my children in life – that we can handle more than we think.

Do you have any life hacks to share that make everyday life smoother?

Set all the clocks in your house back an hour, and your children will get to bed on time.

Describe your parenting in three words?

Dynamic, determined and empathetic.

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