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Signe Bådagård - Moms we love

Signe Bådagård

Yrke: Singer (artist, composer, vocal coach, etc.) and soon to be nurse
Bor: Söderort, in Stockholm
Familj: Partner and baby Arthur, born in September 2021
Instagram: @amnesigne
Spotify: Signe


I grew up in a large family of musicians originating from Jämtland. In the last ten years or so, I have mixed freelance work with music studies and a variety of odd jobs, mainly within fashion, which has always been one of my great interests. I graduated from the Stockholm Royal College of Music in 2018 and released my debut record almost two years ago, just before the pandemic hit. Then, I decided to study to be a nurse, something completely new. And in the middle of all this, I had my first baby – which I had longed for all my life.


I’m on parental leave at the moment but have done some casual work as a model, muse, and test pilot for Boob.


Hi Signe! How lovely that we can do this interview with you. The first time we were in touch was when you were pregnant and signed up as a test pilot for Boob. Since then you’ve had Arthur. Congratulations! How does it feel?

Thanks! Becoming a parent is so cool. You suddenly feel a lot older and wiser. And in a way you are. For me personally, I would say that it’s given me more authority, and I care less about what people think about me. I also feel that I’ve become kinder to myself.


Moms we love Signe Bådagård artist


You have a long background within the music industry as a singer, composer, vocal coach and artist, and you released your first record just a few weeks before the pandemic started. Tell us what happened and what you thought at the time.

When the virus started spreading in Sweden I was (along with many others, I guess) completely stunned. I thought the world was coming to an end. So I didn’t even think about that I (sadly) couldn’t go out and do gigs. My boyfriend (who is also a musician) and I decided to do something with the unplanned time off, and isolated ourselves for a couple of weeks at my weekend place and wrote new music. I thought a lot about the future, security and even narcissism. I thought about studying something that would lead to a steady and secure career compared with the freelance grind, and something that was good for the soul and totally unselfish.


Signe wearing Boob nursingbra in organic cotton


With your background in music and now as a trained nurse, what are your dreams for the future?

It would be such a dream to work part time as a nurse (perhaps as a midwife, a secret dream) and also create music, preferably in a big studio in the garden with my boyfriend and our friends and colleagues. I hope that care sector salaries move in the right direction and the career doesn’t mean that you wear out your body and mind, which unfortunately was the case for many during the pandemic.


You have worked quite a lot within fashion and have a great interest in clothes. Do you have any tips to share with other pregnant or new moms?

I think it was fun to challenge my wardrobe under the new circumstances. To go through what works and what doesn’t; a jumper you haven’t used for a long time can become a new favorite because it’s great over your growing belly. Most ”normal” clothes can be used during pregnancy. In my experience, what you may want to get early on is a pair of really comfortable pants. But don’t buy the unbecoming, uncomfortable drainpipe jeans you often see in the maternity department. Get a pair of attractive maternity pants that you can use after the birth as well. If you are only getting one pair – go for something that is both smart and casual.


Signe wearing pregnancy top and maternity pants

Signe is wearing SS22 news, Poetess blousand Once-on-never-off wide-leg pants 


During pregnancy and nursing, you have helped us at Boob as a fitting model, test pilot, model and general muse for our forthcoming autumn collection. Many thanks! Do you have any favourites in the Boob collection that you want to recommend?

All the maternity pants. During pregnancy, I lived in the Once-on-never-off wide leg pants and the Once-on-never-off cropped pants with sewn creases, because they look like office pants. You feel dressed in a way that you don’t in leggings or sweatpants, but they feel like sweatpants. Best of two worlds. In the height of summer, I changed them for cycling pants and comfortable dresses, like the ribbed dress Signe, which I can wear next summer too since they are nursing-friendly. Now, as a non-pregnant, nursing couch potato, I looove the Once-on-never-off lounge pants. They make me feel like I’m gliding around on a cloud. I also love (along with everyone else) the Go-To Bra, which I’ve had in all colours AND the merino wool bra that is so amazingly comfortable and keeps the warmth during winter.


Signe in marrakech nursing tunic and wide-leg maternity pants

Signe ribbed maternity dress as seen on Signe Bådagård

As seen on Signe: Marrakech tunic, A dress, and Signe tank dress


What has music meant to you during pregnancy and as a new mom?

During pregnancy, my belly and I went on tour with the dad. As a roadie, my son got to hear many fine concerts from “inside”. Now, as a new mom, it’s exciting to rediscover the music I love through him. Every time he hearts a song, it’s for the first time. Arthur loves music and really settles down when we put on a record and sing along to it. Since I’m myself the daughter of a musician, I know how important it is to ”hang around” as a child; go to concerts and rehearsals, etc. So we took Arthur to his first music festival (where his dad was playing) when he was only eleven weeks old. It was great :)

"Skip routines in the beginning, they can come later. Enjoy the days and nights being mixed up for a while and rest when you get a chance."


Do you sing to your son? Have you dedicated any songs to him yet?

Of course! I have searched my memory for the lullabies that my mother sang to me and have made sure to learn the texts properly. I think my boyfriend has written several songs for Arthur already, and we have an idea for something that we want to record, which would great be fun. We’ve never done anything together, so it could be a joint single with mom and dad; who knows?


Moms we love signe bådagård with baby arthur

Listen to Signe on Spotify


Can you share any life hacks that make day-to-day life easier?

Skip routines in the beginning, they can come later. Enjoy the days and nights being mixed up for a while and rest when you get a chance. When the evening restlessness kicks in – cover the baby’s eyes with a thin blanket and turn on the kitchen fan = zzzzz


What do you hope to pass on to your son?

A cliché perhaps, but most importantly that he becomes an empathic and good human being who understands that all people are equal and why society needs to be able to meet all kinds of needs. Then we hope, of course, that he’ll share his parents’ great interest in music, and that he’ll want to explore it in his own way. No pressure, haha.


3 things you wouldn’t want to be without as a new mom?

1. A baby sling/carrier (how do you MANAGE otherwise?!) 2. My television 3. My coffee maker


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