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Linnéa Hellbom

Profession: model, hair stylist and makeup artist
Home: Saltsjöbaden, outside Stockholm, Sweden
Family: Husband Carl Michael and daughter Saga-Lo (pictured here at five months)
Instagram: @linneahellbom

Background: Began working as a model for MIKAs at age 12, which took her around the world. These days she is still in the fashion industry, but on the other side of the camera, after training as a makeup artist. Along the way, she discovered the magic behind beautiful hair, and decided to become a hair stylist.

Right now: Mom, model for Boob Autumn/Winter 2019, and in training to be a hair stylist.

You became a new mother to Saga-Lo five months ago. How has it changed your life?

That is what’s really cool, because life has obviously changed a lot. All of a sudden there is a new person in the family making all of the decisions: when we should sleep, eat, or just take a shower, for example. At the same time it feels so unbelievably natural, that this is exactly how it should be. The biggest change has been finding my role and myself in this new constellation, as a mother and a partner.

What was your pregnancy like?

My pregnancy was absolutely amazing; I have actually never felt so good. I can even sometimes miss it! I had some problems with my back and pinched a nerve, but, funnily enough, when I switched to Boob’s Fast Food nursing bra about halfway through my pregnancy, the nerve pain disappeared after a few days!


Linnéa in Signe dress

You have worked as a model since you were twelve years old. What life lessons have you taken from it?

An infinite number. People usually have preconceived notions of what it’s like to work as a model, but it is a very hard work that demands a lot of you. It has given me a strong work ethic since you always work in teams towards the same goal, and it is never a nine to five job but requires that you work until the job is done, often well into the night. There are no lunch hours or breaks so models work continuously throughout a shoot. Having traveled around the world has taught me a great deal about other cultures and I learned English only through my travels. I could keep going, but these are just some examples of what the experience has given me.

What was it like to model at the height of your pregnancy for Boob’s 2019 Autumn/Winter collection?

Utterly fantastic! I've probably never been so well taken care of at a photo shoot before. It was also a fun experience to model with a protruding stomach and try not to suck it in all the time! He he. I received so much inspiration from the team before and after the birth, not to mention that I love Boob’s clothes so much that half of my closet is now filled with them!

Name three things you don’t want to be without as a new mom?

My breast pump, baby slings and nursing clothes! Aside from that, I could go without almost everything except diapers and some pajamas for the baby.


Linnéa doing the Boob photoshoot, in Cleo tunic and Once-on-never-off flared pants.

We know that you are a big fan of planning and lists. What are your three best tips for staying organized?

Get a subscription to a meal kit! We received it as a gift from my mother-in-law and it was probably the best gift we received. Not having to think about shopping for food and what to do for dinner has really made our everyday lives easier. It saves both time and much-needed energy, plus it ensures that we actually eat! Otherwise we might easily be eating sandwiches for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We have a meal plan for four people, so we end up having enough left over for lunch the next day, too. It’s awesome!

Try to keep your baby stuff organized; let everything have its place. We bought drawer organizers for the drawers with Saga-Lo’s things so that we know where each item goes, which makes it easier for whoever is at home with her.

Prioritize your to-do lists. Ask: What is most important right now? Be open to the fact that your lists will change from day to day. I might have said yes to coffee with my girlfriends, but unfortunately I have to prioritize two hours of sleep in the middle of the day instead. That is totally okay. It’s also perfectly fine to let the laundry pile up and watch Netflix all day. No one lives that perfect Instagram life with flawless makeup, freshly baked cinnamon buns, and a happy kid in their arms.

What have been your favorite things to wear during and since your pregnancy?

As I mentioned earlier, I started using the Fast Food bra when I was pregnant and it did wonders for my back! Since Saga-Lo was born, I have basically lived in my Amelia coverall because I started taking freelance jobs again after six weeks, and it feels so incredibly fashionable and comfortable at the same time. My new favorite for the fall is the Signe dress with a pair of cool sneakers!

You are training to become a hair stylist. Do you have any quick tips for moms who are short on time and having a bad hair day?

We all know the magic of dry shampoo, but not everyone knows that there are different types of dry shampoo. Some add texture to your hair and others work like you think a dry shampoo should, by soaking up the fat from the hair. I recommend getting a dry shampoo in the latter category because the texturizing dry shampoos can easily make your hair feel even dirtier if you use it a lot. If you have a light dry shampoo, then you can even spray it into freshly washed and dried hair to prolong that just-washed feeling. Otherwise, a good hair accessory is the salvation of any bad hair day! Even if your hair is a bit dirty or unbrushed underneath. Aside from which, it is incredibly trendy right now!


Linnéa in Signe dress

You have lived in so many places - Milan, London, Switzerland and Cape Town. Do you have a favorite place you can’t wait to show your daughter?

I want to show her the whole world and discover the amazing planet we live on together. Above all, I want to show her nature, both in Sweden and in the world. Show what an amazing artist Mother Earth is. I long to take her to Cape Town when she grows older, it is my absolute favorite place.

What does sustainability mean to you?

Sustainable thinking permeates everything in everyday life, for me - where the food we eat comes from, how much I consume, how we get around, etc. My husband has taught me to be much better at recycling, to think about use and reuse, and about what I buy, resell or buy second hand, etc. This has become even more important since Saga-Lo arrived. We want to teach her how to take care of our planet and for us it has become really important to find a preschool that teaches and works with a sustainable approach.

What do you want the world your child grows up in to look like?

I hope this generation grows up much more aware of sustainability, both as it affects the environment and our relationships. We live in a society with a disposable mindset, and I really hope we can succeed in reversing that trend. I hope as time goes on that the world also learns acceptance and that we become kinder to our fellow human beings, our animals and the environment.


Linnéa in Fast Food T-shirt bra

What do you hope to pass on to your daughter?

A love for animals and the environment, and to always be kind without being a pushover. I hope to teach her that you can be kind, tough and fair at the same time. I want her to never doubt that she is loved by me and my husband, and so that she dares to throw herself into the world full of curiosity and a yearning for discovery, with the knowledge that there is always support from us when she needs it.

What’s at the top of your wish list?

That Saga-Lo can grow up healthy in a safe environment where she can develop into exactly who she is. Everything else is just a bonus!

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