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Kaitlyn Tru - moms we love

Kaitlyn Tru

Profession: Stylist, marketing strategist, content creator.
Home: Texas
Background: I grew up on a ranch outside a small town in Texas. My mother was an herbalist and interior designer and just a total artist, all of which have really sculpted me. I was very active in sports and also always very artistic. My first dream job was to be a photographer and I just always had a camera glued to me. I started my first blog in college in 2009 before Instagram existed and graduated with a marketing degree, worked a bit before deciding to stay home with Revel and grow our family.
Family: My husband Ryan and I have 3 boys, Revel, who we had at 21 and babies ourselves, River, and Roket.
Right now: I am currently working with tons of amazing brands while also taking on freelance styling and marketing advising.
Instagram: @trufolk

Kaitlyn, thank you so much for taking time to chat with us! You’re a mom of three boys, your youngest born last Fall. How are you feeling right now?

I feel so thankful for this life full of love and beauty, I feel ecstatic to be working from home with amazing brands and I also feel very tired in the juggle! 




You’re a multihyphenate: mama, partner, stylist, content creator, vintage seller. Wow! How do you prioritize the things that are more important to you?

Prioritizing is honestly so hard. When it comes down to it, it’s family, then self-care sanity practices to try and ensure I’m able to give my best, and organizing things by deadlines. 




Your feed is filled with gorgeous interior shots that are minimalistic yet warm. When it comes to interior design, who are some of your biggest inspirations?

I love Noguchi’s sculptor and installations. I love Axel Vervoordt. Oh and this amazing Instagram @casagitane. All have an earthy wabi sabi take on minimalism that I really connect with. 




What social accounts to do you follow when you need a hit of inspiration?

 I run an inspo account @seasonedfolk that I’m constantly updating. I like to run through it often just to stay in my own lane of aesthetic. Instagram makes it so easy to be unknowingly influenced - I just try to stick to me. 




You’re featured in our new Spring/Summer collection which is about building essentials and adding your take on classics - what are you go-to pieces that carried you through pregnancy and nursing? 

Pregnancy must-haves for me is anything with elastic. Culottes, lounge pants, etc. I also love layering tunics with draped scarves. For nursing I prefer the easiest access possible. Any top I can pull open from the side or neck and not feel confined. 




Favorite garment from our collection?

The button down (Duo Shirt)! I wear it so often. There’s something about a button down that makes you feel pulled together. 

As a mom of three, what advice can you give to first-time parents on the journey ahead?

Your parenting style will grow with the child. Remove all your expectations and everything has a way of being beautiful. 




What are you looking forward to most in the next few months?

Summer weather for sure. Maybe gaining more freedom as my kids need me less 😕 hahaha.

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