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Julia Stridh

Julia Stridh

Profession: Stylist and creative consultant. Blogger on The Way We Play.
Home: Södermalm in Stockholm, Sweden
Family: Fiancé Dan and daughter Benedetta, 2 years old. Second baby on the way, due end of March.
Instagram: @jstridh

Hi Julia! You're currently pregnant with your second child and will give birth in a couple of weeks - how are you doing?

I've actually felt very upbeat now at the end. I had a tough beginning in both my pregnancies due to nausea and because of that a constant feeling of depression and anxiety. It feels good to experience more energy now towards the end so that I can collect good memories from this time. Just as I'm writing this I am going into week 39 and I woke up heavy and swollen. So right now all that's on the schedule is resting and charging/gathering my energy before the birth. I just have to pack the hospital bag and wash some mini-clothes and then I'll be 100% ready and so extremely excited.





And who are you?

I'm a very intense person who gets tired of her own voice every day. I work on finding inner peace within myself each day and ever since I became a mother I've learned to be more in the moment and relax. My job has given me energy and a continuous stream of new ideas. Since I met my fiancé life has been very natural and I have a clear image of how I would like to live my life with my family. Even if a lot of it is chaotic throughout the toddler years, life has felt more balanced for me than ever before.





What are your best styling tips for pregnant or new moms?

Don't change your style just because your body is changing. It might sound odd but there are a lot of clothing brands that produce a certain type of maternity clothes that, I don't know, are a bit inconsiderate. Jeggings? That's not a garment I would typically wear so why would I start with it now just because there aren't more options during pregnancy. I've focused on basic garments that I can combine with other items from my wardrobe that I already own. Like black maternity leggings and white blouses. Wide maternity trousers, tops with stripes and basic T-shirts. Knitted oversized tops. Tight dresses to accentuate the beautiful forms of the body. Straight skirts in stretchy fabrics that I expand the elastics on, etc.

I like to stay true to myself and not change my style. I still wear all maternity bottoms after giving birth because it takes a while until I would like to wear something tight on my belly again. Great nursing bras can't be missed.





You are a soon-to-be mother of two, have your views on fashion and clothes changed since you became a mom?

Exciting question! I don't think it has. These past years I've tried to change my shopping behaviour to buy fewer but better items. The material and how the garment has been produced are so important and I rather pay a little more, shop second-hand and clean my wardrobe a little more often. The environment and a well-made designer garment in a material I enjoy mean so much more to me than having a lot of choice within fast fashion garments.

When it comes to maternity clothes and nursing clothes it's important for me that I can wear it during both pregnancy and nursing, and I've chosen garments with a great quality so I've been able to wear them during both my pregnancies.





What item in your wardrobe can't you be without?

Large fresh shirts, blazers, stripes, and hints of color like a bright pink dress for the summer. My jewelry means a lot to me and I always have 2-3 pairs of sneakers to switch between.





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