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Frederikke from Fredesblog

Frederikke Glob-Toftsø

Profession: Influencer and consultant
Home: Nørrebro, Copenhagen, Denmark
Family: My husband Mark, our 2 year old son JJ, Winston the mini poodle and our baby that is due in January 2021. But I couldn't get by without my mother in law, my own parents and 4 siblings, all living in Copenhagen and a big part of our daily life.
Instagram: @fredesblog

Background: I grew up in the heart of Copenhagen with my mom and younger brother. My love for fashion and lifestyle has evolved since I picked my outfits from the clothes passed on from my neighbours, to exploring working in PR and Marketing, freelance styling and 5 years as women’s director and buyer at Rezet Sneaker Store.

Right now:  I'm working on my own channels ( @fredesblog), and doing book concepts for Grønningen 1, where I recently worked on a book together with Astropod (the biggest Danish astrology podcast), and the Copenhagen-based website To The Moon Honey’s book on pregnancies called ‘Baby Bump’. Most importantly I decided that I didn't want my son to go to daycare, so most days are spent with him, visiting our favorite playgrounds, the zoo, meeting up with friends or reading books.

Frederikke, thank you so much for chatting with us before you welcome your second child. What’s keeping you sane these days?

Knitting, haha. I've taken up knitting again and it's much more fun making stuff in little sizes. Also, I'm cheering on my sister who is in Dancing with the Stars, so each Friday I'm locked on the couch with popcorn and candy, which proves to be the perfect way of celebrating the weekend when I can't drink wine :(

But also my husband. Have to give him credit for making sure we all eat and that we all have clean clothes. 




What are some of your life hacks to juggling being self-employed while raising a toddler with one on the way?

Family and a strong network. It really takes a village. I'm almost never alone with taking care of JJ and I have made an investment in his relationship with his grandmother whom I trust 100%. There is this idea that you have to do everything by yourself and that's pretty stressful. I have learned that I can only juggle this life by creating a village of my own, that consists of strong relationships with people we trust and who JJ is safe with. In terms of working, I have scaled everything down, so I work 2 days a week. It's the best priority ever and I feel both grateful and smart that we have organized our life so this is actually a reality. It means some sacrifices like holidays in Denmark, living in a smaller and cheaper apartment, etc. But when it all comes down to it, we are happier with less space and more freedom and flexibility

You’ve mentioned that you’re on a quest to become more sustainable – what does that mean for you these days?

I'm re-evaluating everything I do, all the time. From what I eat (preggo cravings excluded), what we spend our time on, what we wear, and how and where we spend our money. I will never become a zero waste minimalist, but I want to become more conscious about our lives. 




Your love for sneakers is well known – what’s your secret to creating an outfit around a great pair of sneakers?

I almost always choose my sneakers first, and from being in the sneaker business for many years, I'm probably less conservative in terms of styling. But my key is to match the sneaker style with an outfit so they look the best - the right crease, a pair of good socks, a nice cuff, or the right skirt length with the sneakers cut on the ankles. But otherwise, I just play and have fun with it. 

Other than sneakers, what are some of your pregnant wardrobe staples you’ll live in?

Anything stretchy - right now the maternity leggings are not coming off anytime soon. The Danish brand Nørgaard på Strøget makes ribbed tees and dresses that have been a staple in my wardrobe since I was a teenager, and they work great with a bump :)




Given your love for fashion, do you think the industry can become more sustainable?

Yes, def. But it will take some time and we need some pressure from both the top (politicians, big market actors, and global brands) and bottom (the consumers). But I see the industry challenging the norms and ways of doing what they used to. But what you and I can do, is to invest in good pieces, use it up, and let nothing go to waste. 

Favorite kicks of all time?

Looking back, it must be my collection of New Balance 990 - from V2 to V4. They are forever classics. But the Nike Air Max 97 is another fave. I almost got married in a pair of silver bullets, haha. 



You live in Copenhagen, known for its street style. What are some of your favorite hangout spots to people watch?

People watching should always be combined with great coffee and food. Prolog in the meatpacking district, Depanneur on Rantsauzgade, Mirabelle on Guldbergsgade, and Sonny on Rådhusstræde are my best spots for both :)

What do you hope to pass on to your children?

Lots of love and how to live a conscious life. 


Frederikke in our maternity dress


Any tips for new or expectant moms unsure about the journey ahead?

It's gonna be big, full of love and very emotional. Welcome all the feelings, speak loudly about them, and never think that you are alone. Reach out. 

Also, stuff your freezer with lasagna, make visitors bring cake (not for them though, for you to eat when they leave) and say yes to help on you and your baby's terms. Also, read a book about breastfeeding, it's so much work, though it looks so easy. 

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