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Emily Salomon

Name: Emily Salomon Vang
Profession: Blogger and creative consultant

Background in brief: Bachelor in litterature and major in modern culture studies, have been blogging about lifestyle, personal style, food, travel and culture for almost 10 years at

Home: Copenhagen, Denmark                     
Family: Husband and a son arriving end of July and the border collie Penny
Instagram: @emilysalomon

What are you thinking about most these days? 
I didn’t give it much thought earlier on in my pregnancy but now I’m thinking a lot about how our son will look. Not in a vain way, but out of curiosity. Is he more me or my husband? Or indeed a mix? The same goes for his personality. At the same time I’m kind of treasuring this last part of pregnancy and just wants to keep him safe in my belly forever. Well, I don’t mean that, but the closer we get, the more scared I get about my abilities to take care of a newborn. So I’m equal parts looking forward to meet him and anxious to fail him.

Emily in Jessica knit sweater and Once-on-never-off wide pants

How has your pregnancy been so far?
Really good. There have been morning sickness (well, more all day & night), back pain and heartburn, but overall I really, really love it. I’m in awe of the wonders my body performs and at truly enjoy it. I love the curves and to feel my baby move. I think I’m going to miss it and I hope to be fortunate enough to experience it one more time.

What’s the best thing about living in Copenhagen?
That it’s such a big and small city at the same time. And that it’s surrounded by water. I love that I can swim in the harbour at Islands Brygge where we live all year round.

Tell us about your book, ”Bryllup” that came out last year.
It’s a complete wedding guide as well as the personal anecdotes and pictures from 4 very different weddings (my own included). It was so much fun to make and really fills a gap (at least in Denmark). I would have loved a book like that when I was getting married myself.

Emily in Alicia dress

What are your thoughts on style and clothes now that you’re pregnant?
At first when my body started to change and I couldn’t fit into my regular clothes I was really perplexed. My boobs had grown so much, that I couldn’t even fit into my oversize shirts and dresses, which was what I had planned to wear. But as soon a I found a few other options (amongst them an amazing pair of trousers from Boob) and I really started to show it somehow got easier. Now I enjoy it. I prefer things that hug the body and show the bump. But first and foremost something comfy.

You’re a book lover, which books are you longing to read for your child?
First and foremost I really hope to pass on the love of reading to him and I plan to do it by reading a lot to him as he grows up. I can’t wait till he gets big enough for Bröderna Lejonhjärta and other Astrid Lindgren books. And I’ll share ‘Linnea planterar kärnor, frön och annat' and ‘Linus bakar och lagar' (both by Christina Björk and Lena Anderson) as they are such great introductions to gardening and cooking.

What role do yoga and meditation play in your everyday life?
It’s y loop hole to unwinding and really feeling my body and rehearse being present.

Breakfast lover that you are, do you still have the same favorite breakfast now as before you became pregnant?
Yes and no. In the first trimester I really struggled with morning sickness and fresh smoothies first thing in the morning was my savior. Later on when the nausea was gone bread, butter and cheese was my big craving. Here in the third trimester I struggle a bit again as I get heartburn quite easily which most of the time conflicts with the things I actually crave (fresh fruit especially citrus).

Emily in Amelia jumpsuit

Name three things you do not want to be without as pregnant.
A good bra, water (I’m so thirsty) and in the first trimester: Hotdogs! Which was such a weird craving as I don’t usually eat meat…

What do you hope to pass on to your child?
Empathy and the love of nature. And to be curious and to enjoy to move as well as read. And that comparison is the thief of joy. That all people are equal, no matter race nor sex.

What do you want the world your child grows up in to look like?
Less polluted and fearful.

What’s at the top of your wish list?
That our son is healthy and that I’m capable of breastfeeding him.

Emily in Alicia dress


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