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Daniela Mondlane - Moms we love

Daniela Mondlane

Profession: Freelance stylist, marketer and influencer.
Home: Ljungkile, Sweden
Family: Mother, father, twin sister and a fantastic four-month-old daughter.
Instagram: @dani.mond

You can do it! It’s easy to think that you can’t do it on your own, but you can! It’s important to feel that you can cope.


I grew up in Sweden and Mozambique and I have spent the last five years in Mozambique, working as a freelance stylist, running a restaurant and doing marketing for a fashion brand. I decided to move back to Sweden, partly due to the separation from my partner and the pandemic, but also because I wanted a different kind of security for the baby I was expecting. Also, there was a risk of the baby being premature, so I wanted the best possible care.

Right now

My Instagram @dani.mond where you can follow my life as a new single mom.

Hi Dani! Thanks so much for agreeing to meet us and sharing your experiences. How are you?

I’m feeling great. I’ve just moved to a new town and my mom is here visiting!

You’re a new mother and your baby daughter is now four months old. Congratulations! Your journey into motherhood was not all plain sailing. Could you tell us more?

This is true. My partner and I were not quite on the same page when it came to the timing of the pregnancy. It wasn’t easy for me to become pregnant, since I have endometriosis and a “double uterus”, but I was ready to become a mom. We were not in the best place in our relationship at the time, so we decided to split up and focus on staying friends as we were going to become parents. The hardest part was going through the pregnancy on my own, without sharing the journey, the changes to my body and everything else that expecting a baby entails.

What’s your best tip for women who decide to have children on their own?

You can do it! It’s easy to think that you can’t do it on your own, but you can! It’s important to feel that you can cope. Your little one doesn’t need anyone else and you’ll do a brilliant job. My baby girl arrived a bit earlier than planned, so I didn’t have anyone with me during labour. That was actually a good thing because I could focus completely on myself and what I had to do.


Daniela Mondlane

Daniela Mondlane


How has life changed since you became a mom?

I’m a fairly calm person in general, but I think I have become even calmer since having a baby. It may have to do with changing priorities. Having a daughter of my own has also changed how I see the relationship with my mother. I appreciate and have more respect for the bond we share!

Can you share any life-hacks that make day-to-day life easier?

A baby sling is your new best friend 😊. You and your baby are one and the sling enables you to move freely around the home. My daughter falls asleep easily in it and sleeps longer as she can hear my heartbeat and feel my rhythm when I walk around.

Choose food that can be cooked with one hand 😊. There are few times these days when you have both hands free, especially if the baby decides to be awake when you had planned to eat. Making lunch boxes also takes away some of the stress. Another tip is that you can find pre-chopped onion in the freezer compartment at the supermarket 😊. Perfect when you cook with one hand. Finally, I have an evening routine which I started when my baby was just a month old. We go to bed no later than nine and when I put her down, I rub her chest with coconut oil and a few drops of lavender oil. It makes her calm and signals that it’s bedtime.


Daniela Mondlane


How do you find balance in your life?

I think balance in life is relative. The best part of my day is spent looking after my daughter. But when there are things that must get done, I try to break them down and minimise the work. You can’t do everything and trying to, only causes stress. At weekends, I try to do some sort of outing so that every day doesn’t look the same.

You work as a freelance stylist, marketer and influencer. How do you combine work with life as a mother?

Both the stylist and marketing jobs have had to take a back seat since I became a mom. I’ve been fully focused on looking after the baby and me. But I’ve been able to take on influencer collaborations since my brand has changed to “new mother”. This has given me an opportunity to share my new day-to-day life and create content that involves family life instead. So, it’s working quite well, I think!

What do you hope to pass on to your daughter?

The courage to do what she believes in and what feels right.

3 things you don’t want to be without?

1. 1. My Coracor baby sling 2. 2. My lavender oil 3. 3. My thermos mug

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