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Camilla Åstrand - Moms we love

Camilla Åstrand

Profession: PR manager at Daisy Grace
Home: Enskede, outside Stockholm, Sweden
Instagram: @camillaeleonora


Is a model for Boob Fall/Winter 2018, Press Director for Perfect Day Media, Daisy Grace &, Program Manager for The Business of Beauty career podcast, and mother-to-be.

Tell us a bit about your journey and how you came to be the person you are today.

I grew up in a big, safe family, with parents who were always around. My dad and mom shared all of the responsibilities at home, which taught me that you can choose both a career and a family. I have a safe base in and with my family and because of that I can dare to take chances, even when there are risks. It has led to many amazing things in my life - my love relationship, my home, my friends and my job.

Who’s in your family?

I have two families, the one I grew up in and the one that is now my own. My own consists of my partner Christopher, my stepdaughters Klara and Irma and at the end of September a little girl, if everything goes well. I'm close to my parents and sisters and talk to them several times a week.

Camilla in black maternity top and maternity trousers.

What’s on your mind most lately?

I’m guessing here is where I should say that I am worried about the baby in my stomach, but I feel very calm on that front. The pregnancy hormones are like morphine to me – they are wonderful! I’m actually thinking a lot about how to decorate our new house and how to look good this summer, despite a growing stomach. So, very light-hearted thoughts, really.

Where are you happiest?

I love being in the Stockholm archipelago with my partner. Preferably on the couch with a glass of red wine and opera music on high volume while he cooks for me. But I also love walking through the city on a Monday morning with a coffee in my hand and feeling the city waking up. I wouldn’t want to have it just one way or the other all of the time.

How has your pregnancy been so far?

I had a completely different picture of how it would be. I thought I would have an enormous belly and back pain for nine months. Instead I have had five nice months, with only mild ailments like nausea. I have felt calm and peaceful, but not insanely happy like you see in the movies. It's quite simply less dramatic than I thought it would be.

Name three things you did not want to be without when you were pregnant.

A nice partner who cooks and tells you that you’re wonderful, a modern workplace where pregnancy is as normal as a Monday meeting, and a group of friends who are always just a question away in our WhatsApp group.


Camilla in our maternity dress.

What do you hope to pass on to your child?

The ability to see life with joy and curiosity – I hope she will have the same joie de vivre as her parents. I also hope she gets the inner strength and security she needs to tackle the difficulties that come along in life.

You are already a stepmother – a “bonus mom” as they say in Swedish. How is that going, and what do you think it will be like to add another child to your family?

There is far too little talk about how incredibly enriching it can be to be a stepparent. Certainly there are days when you think, “Why should I stand here and pick up dirty socks from the floor?!” But that’s always outweighed by what you get back. We have had a good and close relationship from the start, and I love to dive into their teenage world and hear what matters to them. I know that I am lucky though – the girls are amazing and their parents have made it possible for us to have a relationship by recognizing what I can bring to their lives, and not the opposite.

I'm glad that Christopher and I did not rush to have child together. We have had almost four years to create a connection among the four of us, and that’s probably why the girls are looking forward to getting a little sibling.

What do you want the world your child grows up in to look like?

I hope, above all, that we all take greater responsibility for the sustainable development of our society and that this has a positive impact on our climate and our resources. I see how much more aware my stepchildren are than I was at their age, so I feel positive. I also hope that the world becomes softer. That people slow down a little, help each other and look each other in the eye. I miss that.

You work in the fashion industry. Which garments get the most use in your pregnancy wardrobe?

I’m totally into figure-fitting dresses since my boss Amanda tipped me off to them. A single garment and you're ready. Never before have I cared so much about what I look like – it’s like the pregnancy body created a desire in me to dress more attractively and more femininely.

What’s at the top of your wish list?

For life? A healthy child is at the top. When it comes to my closet, sexy Gianvito Rossi heels are on the list. Like I said, I just want to wear heels and dresses every day! And preferably a margarita with salt on the rim, but that unfortunately has to wait!

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