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Asabea Britton - Interview Moms we love

Asabea Britton

Profession: Midwife, blogger, Instagram influencer
Home: Stockholm, Sweden
Background: I grew up in Stockholm's inner city, but have also lived in Ghana, Ethiopia and Uganda, due to my parents' jobs. I thought that I would become a doctor like my father and tried for a long time to get into medical school. Along the way, I discovered midwifery, and now I’m so happy I did, because it suits me better than a career as a doctor.
Family: My partner and two sons, a 2½-year-old and a 3-month-old.
Right now:  As a new mother of two, I am on maternity leave. Most of my time is devoted to the children. I’ve managed to keep up with my Instagram account and blog where I strive to educate people and share about my parenting. I also modeled for Boob’s Spring 2021 collection.
Instagram: @asabea

Asabea, thank you very much for taking time to talk to us during your maternity leave. You recently had your second child. How does that feel?

Awesome! Better than I expected. The first months with this little one have been remarkably easier. My oldest has managed the transition to big brother very well so far, which has been a big help.




You shared your home birth via social media with truly amazing photos, movies and intimate stories. Can you tell us a little about that experience and why you chose to share it with your followers?

It was a fantastic experience to take full control of my son’s birth. That I could create my own conditions and allow my body to work undisturbed, exactly as I wanted, was incredibly empowering for me. I talk about giving birth a lot on Instagram, so it felt natural for me to share my own experience. It felt especially important because the way I decided to give birth falls outside the Swedish norm, and I wanted to show that it can be done.




Speaking of intimacy, you are a strong advocate for women's health and every woman's right to a safe pregnancy and childbirth on their own terms. Why is this topic important to you and is there something you think we should all know?

Pregnancy and giving birth are among the biggest and most transformative experiences a woman can have – and they will define her throughout the rest of her life. They won’t only affect you in the moment, but for a long time to come in one’s parenting, and by extension, it will also affect the children. I think we should treat that process carefully. We should trust those who give birth to make their own decisions, and trust their ability to give birth, no matter how they decide to go about it. I want the power to go to those who give birth. Those of us in healthcare should be there to assist them in their birth, and look after the needs of the individual rather than just complying with the norm. I think it would benefit not only the individual, but also society at large. I want everyone to know their right to claim their own childbirth.




As a midwife, what tips do you want to share with first-time parents who still have the journey ahead of them?

Dare to dream and visualize how you want things to be, but to have an open mind and be prepared to reevaluate and reformulate goals over time. Be careful about what advice you take. I know it can be difficult to trust your own instincts with your first child, but I want to encourage you to try, and if you cannot listen to your instincts, then let the child guide you. Listen to your baby, because it knows what it needs.




We were so happy that you wanted to be a model for our new collection when you were super pregnant. Thank you very much! Which garments have been your favorites during pregnancy and nursing?

Your nursing bras and maternity trousers have served me well during both pregnancies and in between. And after this pregnancy, my two most used garments, hands down, have been your support leggings and bras.




As a mother of two, is there anything you don’t leave home without?

Not every time, as I'm pretty forgetful. But I often have a little snack with me for my older son in case his mood dips, and the baby wrap for my little one.




We did an interview with you two years ago, when you had just become a mother for the first time. What have you learned about yourself now that you have had your second son?

I have learned that I have good deal more patience than I thought. As someone who had a fairly short fuse earlier in life, I am proud of the fact that I have such a good ability to stay calm when it comes to my children. I have also learned that each child is so completely different that you can’t expect there to be one way, or one piece of advice, that will work on all children. I knew this before, of course, but now I’ve experienced it for myself.




What do you want to pass on to your children?

I want them to be empathetic, helpful and generous people who dare to stand up for themselves and at the same time give others space. I’m thinking that the latter is especially important, since I have sons. I want them to feel self-assured so that they can build healthy relationships with others.

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