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Andrea Bergart - Moms we love

Andrea Bergart

Profession: Artist and Designer
Home: NYC
Background: I am a visual artist and designer in New York City. I grew up in the suburbs of Boston and the woods of Maine. NYC has been my home for 11+ years. I live in an old knitting factory with my art studio downstairs and my apartment upstairs. I make paintings and drawings which reference diverse visual traditions including woven textiles, urban fashion, boundary lines on basketball courts, and geometric abstraction. I also make public artworks ranging from murals on working cement trucks to paintings on sailboat sails. Most recently I designed a mural painted on a basketball court in Providence, RI. In addition to artmaking, I design handbags made out of sports equipment which is fabricated in NYC's garment district.
Family: My husband and I have one child named Montague. We call him Monty for short. He is named after the charming British gardener and writer, Monty Don!
Instagram: @andreabergart

You just gave birth to your first son – how are you feeling?

Tired! Motherhood is HARD! I've felt like a soup of emotions. One minute I'm exhausted, overwhelmed, and on the verge of crying, and the next minute he smiles or belly giggles at me and my heart rushes with pure joy.


Striped nursing top - Boob Design


You’re a visual artist based in NYC, can you tell us a little bit about your background?

I've always enjoyed making things with my hands. I make paintings and drawings although larger mural works have taken me outside of my studio-I’ve painted on cement truck barrels, sailboat sails, and most recently a basketball court. I also make textile-based work including a process called solar printing where I print with UV reactive dyes. Oh, and I design handbags out of sports balls which are fabricated in the garment district of NYC.


Andrea Bergart Art - moms we love


Speaking of art, basketball features prominently in some of your latest pieces (including the iconic basketball purse) – can you tell us how sports inspire your creative process?

I like to keep my body in motion- whether that's going for a run, a long walk with my baby Monty, or shooting hoops with my friends. I think this activity and movement inspires my creative process, it keeps ideas flowing and gives me head space to zone out and daydream.

Who are some of your favorite artists, contemporary or from the past?

One of my favorite artists is Niki de Saint Phalle! A couple of years ago I made a pilgrimage to her Tarot Garden in Tuscany, Italy. What a sight! Her spirit is so strong, as a new Mother, her work is speaking to me even stronger these days. Women are powerful, beautiful creators and creatures!!!




As an artist, how do your ethos and creativity inspire your wardrobe choices?

I think I tend to pick clothing combinations that relate to the visual language in my art. I think about mixing patterns, textures, opacities, transparencies... ultimately, I want to feel comfortable, and I don't take my personal style too seriously.

What are your go-to pieces that carried you through pregnancy and nursing?

Black maternity trousers! And finding things I already had that could stretch. I also wore a lot of my husband’s pants :)

How do you incorporate sustainability into your daily life and the art you create?

I enjoy when clothing is shared/swapped between my friends. A loved garment is so special.


Interview with Andrea Bergart


Favorite garment from our collection?

I’m enjoying the lounge maternity trousers and the nursing bras!

As a new mom, what are some items you never leave home without?

Well, I'm not going too far these days lol but for my long walks I always have my mask on - I try and keep it cute with a beaded chain, a vintage beret from a friend, I always have headphones in usually listening to the Daily or a friend's Spotify playlist, oh and water! I'm always thirsty!




Has your practice as an artist influenced your approach to motherhood?

I think being creative has helped with making up games and songs! It's fun to PLAY and be goofy. I think my son enjoys those moments the best. I also think being an athlete has helped prepare me for marathon days of taking care of a sometimes fussy baby.

What are you most looking forward to this year?

Warmer weather (!) bringing Monty on his first trip to the west coast and dipping his little toes in the Pacific Ocean.

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