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Moms we love!

We love moms. They are our inspiration and the reason we do what we do. And we love to hear their stories! Here you can read about some of the moms we love and get their thoughts on pregnancy, parenting and life.


Namn: Opokua Britton
Yrke: Nurse, doula, hypnobirthing teacher, podcaster
Bor: Temporarily in Portugal but otherwise in southern Stockholm
Instagram: @curlydoula

Read the interview with Opokua here!  (January 2023)


Nicole Falciani in velour maternity jumpsuit from Boob

Namn: Nicole Falciani
Yrke: Influencer and TV host
Bor: Rome, Italy
Instagram: @nicolefalciani

Read the interview with Nicole here!  (August 2022)



Divorced, co-parenting or chose to be a single mom. There are many ways of being a mom and all moms are true superheroes, no doubt about it! But now for Singles' Day, we'd like to shine a light on single moms. Read our interviews with three single moms and learn more about their experiences and lessons from their daily lives.

Read the interviews here! (Singls'e Day, November 2022)


Signe in nursing bra in merino wool.jpg

Name: Signe Bådagård
Occupation: Singer (artist, composer, vocal coach, etc.) and soon to be nurse
Lives: Stockholm, Sweden
Instagram: @amnesigne
Spotify: Signe

Read the interview with Signe here! (March 2022)


Interview with Daniela Mondlane

Name: Daniela Mondlane
Profession: Freelance stylist, marketer and influencer.
Home: Ljungkile, Sweden
Instagram: @dani.mond

Read the interview with Dani here! (November 2021)

You can do it! It’s easy to think that you can’t do it on your own, but you can! It’s important to feel that you can cope.


Interview with Gabrielle Gaillard

Name: Gabrielle Gaillard
Profession: Social Media & Project Manager for a clean skincare brand
Home: Los Angeles, USA
Instagram: @gaboucoup

Read the interview with Gabrielle here! (May 2021)


Interview with Kaitlyn Tru

Name: Kaitlyn Tru
Profession: Stylist, marketing strategist, content creator
Home: Texas, USA
Instagram: @trufolk

Read the interview with Kaitlyn here! (May 2021)


Interview with Julia Stridh

Name: Julia Stridh
Profession: Stylist and creative consultant. Blogger on The Way We Play.
Home: Stockholm, Sweden
Instagram: @jstridh

Read the interview with Julia here! (April 2021)


Interview with Andrea Bergart

Name: Andrea Bergart
Profession: Artist and Designer
Home: New York City, USA
Instagram: @andreabergart

Read the interview with Andrea here! (April 2021)


Interview with Alona and Kenneth

Name: Alona Vibe & Kenneth Nguyen
Profession: Alona: photographer, strategy consultant and founder of creative studio Mero Studio. Kenneth: full time photographer.
Home: Nørrebro, Copenhagen
Instagram: @kennethnguyen and @alonavibe

Read the interview with Alona & Kenneth here! (January 2021)


Interview with Asabea Britton

Name: Asabea Britton
Profession: Midwife, blogger, Instagram influencer
Home: Stockholm, Sweden
Instagram: @asabea

Read the interview with Asabea here! (December 2020)


Interview with Frederikke

Name: Frederikke Glob-Toftsø
Profession: Influencer and consultant
Home: Copenhagen, Denmark
Instagram: @fredesblog

Read the interview with Frederikke here! (October 2020)


Interview with Pamela Bellafesta

Name: Pamela Bellafesta
Profession: Freelance stylist and the brains behind @paintbypam
Home: Stockholm, Sweden
Instagram: @pambellafesta and @paintbypam

Read the interview with Pamela here! (September 2020)


Interview with Emma Unckel

Name: Emma Unckel
Profession: Fashion and beauty editor for ELLE Sweden; co-host of the Beauty & Bubblor beauty podcast with Frida Fahrman; and influencer at the Instragram accounts @emmaunckel and @unckelhouse
Home: Stockholm, Sweden
Instagram: @emmaunckel and @unckelhouse

Read the interview with Emma here! (August 2020)


Interview with Nana Sacko

Name: Nana Sacko
Profession: Natural Dyer
Home: Gothenburg, Sweden
Instagram: @shopsacko

Read the interview with Nana here! (July 2020)


Interview with Brianna - The Constant Closet

Name: Brianna
Profession: Psychology Doctoral Intern.
Home: Oregon, USA
Instagram: @theconstantcloset

Read the interview with Brianna here! (June 2020)


Interview with Andrea Pippins

Name: Andrea Pippins
Profession: Author and artist
Home: Stockholm, Sweden
Instagram: @andreapippins

Read the interview with Andrea here! (April 2020)


Interview with Ella Wayfarer

Name: Ella Wayfarer
Profession: Yoga teacher and social media manager
Home: Leipzig, Germany
Instagram: @ellawayfarer

Read the interview with Ella here! (March 2020)



Name: Prisca Kwaning
Profession: Founder of The Kind label; model, also for Boob Spring/Summer 2020
Home: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Instagram: @thekindlabel @priscakwaning

Read the interview with Prisca here! (Nov 2019)



Name: Linnéa Hellbom
Profession: model, hair stylist and makeup artist
Home: Stockholm, Sweden
Instagram: @linneahellbom

Read the interview with Linnea here! (Aug 2019)



Name: Emelie Törling

Profession: Designer
Home: Stockholm, Sweden
Instagram: @emelietorling

Read the interview with Emelie here! (June 2019)



Name: Emma Gullström
Profession: Content creator social media and stylist
Home: Stockholm, Sweden                    
Instagram: @ofemma

Read the interview with Emma here! (May 2019)



Name: Emily Salomon Vang
Profession: Blogger and creative consultant

Home: Copenhagen, Denmark                     
Instagram: @emilysalomon

Read the interview with Emily here! (April 2019)



Name: Olivia Youngs
Profession: Blogger & Freelance Writer & Mama
Home: Colorado, USA
Instagram: @simplylivandco

Read the interview with Olivia here! (April 2019)



Name: Emma Mattson
Profession: Bikram yoga teacher and blogger at the Swedish women’s fashion magazine, Damernas Värld
Home: Stockholm, Sweden
Instagram: @emmamattson

Read the interview with Emma here! (Feb 2019)



Name: Cinzia Chang
Profession: Sales Advisor for Acne Studios
Home: Stockholm, Sweden
Instagram: @cinziac_
Currently: Model for Boob spring/summer collection 2019 together with baby Erling

Read the interview with Cinzia here! (Jan 2019)



Name: Camilla Åstrand
Profession: PR manager at Daisy Grace
Home: Stockholm, Sweden
Instagram: @camillaeleonora
Currently: Is a model for Boob Fall/Winter 2018, Press Director for Perfect Day Media, Daisy Grace &, Program Manager for The Business of Beauty career podcast, and mother-to-be.

Read the interview with Camilla here! (2018)



Name: Louise Sondlo
Profession: Personal trainer and co-founder at the SPR Athlete Factory in Stockholm
Home: Stockholm, Sweden
Instagram: @sondlo
Currently: Is a model for Boob Fall/Winter 2018 and opening the new gym SPR Athlete Factory City.

Read the interview with Louise here! (2018)



Name: Chili Bendt 
Profession: Founder of Bomber Management, DJ and PR & Community Manager of A house Stockholm.
Home: Stockholm, Sweden
Instagram: @chilibendt
Currently: Is a model for Boob Fall/Winter 2018 and provides tips on homemade organic skincare and other life hacks on Instagram @chilibendt.

Read the interview with Chili here! (2018)



Name: Asabea Britton
Profession: Midwife
Home: Stockholm, Sweden
Instagram: @asabea
Currently: Is a model for Boob Fall/Winter 2018 and a public educator on topics such as pregnancy, childbirth and everything in between, on Instagram @asabea. Is a new mother to Lalo.

Read the interview with Asabea here! (2018)

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