Nursing Bras

How many nursing bras do I need?

A comfortable nursing bra is a must during breastfeeding, especially in the early days of motherhood. You might spend many hours breastfeeding in the beginning, so it's important to have a nursing bra that is both comfortable and flexible. Our breastfeeding bras are made of sustainable materials and feature smart and easy access to your breasts. Choose between different styles, support levels and sizes as needed. A nursing bra is a good investment, and we recommend having at least two different styles to switch between. Our breastfeeding bras are so nice, they've become many mothers' favorites even after pregnancy and nursing. Need a nice, comfortable bra for night feedings? We recommend our The Go-To nursing bra. It's so comfy, you might never want to take it off!

Winner - Best nursing bra

A nursing bra must pass many stages to be named a winner in the "best nursing bra test" category. A winning nursing bra must be durable, comfortable and flexible. The body changes a lot during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and this places high demands on a nursing bra. It must also be easy to access the breast and nursing. We are proud to have been named the winner in the "best nursing bra" category for several years and it spurs us on to work even harder to continue delivering the best nursing bras, produced with care for you, your baby and mother earth.

Does one need a different bra during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, your body is constantly changing. And you'll soon notice that your breasts have become larger and more sensitive. Does one need a special bra during pregnancy? It is, of course, a matter of taste, but we recommend that you buy a soft and comfortable maternity bra during your pregnancy that can later also be used as a nursing bra. Put your underwire bra away, and focus on comfort. You won't regret it. We think about sustainability in everything we do, which is why we created maternity bras and nursing bras that you can use starting in pregnancy, through breastfeeding and pumping, and long afterwards. All bodies are different, so we have a wide range of different types of bras to fit during pregnancy.