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Period underwear - how does it work?

Period underwear - how does it work?

Period underwear is a good choice for the environment, your wallet and not least for your private parts. With Imse's OEKO-TEX® certified period underwear you don't have to worry about leakage. Thanks to the absorbent function sewn into the panties, the protection stays in place and won’t chafe. The panties are kind and gentle on your skin and mucous membranes, which makes them perfect to use after you have given birth to your baby. To suit different flows, Imse's period underwear is available with different absorbency levels.

After having given birth you'll experience a period of bleeding from the uterus. This can last quite a few weeks and you're often advised not to use for example a tampon or menstrual cup. Our sister brand Imse’s comfortable period underwear is a perfect and sustainable alternative and we now sell three different styles at Boob. Then when your period shows up at the doorstep again, you'll find yourself hooked on how comfortable period underwear is - we promise!

Frequently asked questions about period underwear:

"How do I wash my period underwear?"

After use, rinse the panties in cold water and wring them out. You can choose to wash them directly or store them in for example Imse's practical Wet bags or hang-dry them until it's time to do laundry. Imse's period underwear can be machine washed at 60°C (140 °F) together with your other laundry. Make sure to avoid fabric softener because it can affect the absorbency of the underwear. After washing, let the panties hang to dry - they will last longer that way. If you use a tumble dryer, run it on a low temperature.

"How many panties do you need?"

You don't have to switch to using only menstrual panties right away, test it first and see how it feels! We recommend that you start with 2-3 pairs of panties to test what suits you and your needs. Other factors that affect how many you need are of course your blood flow and your laundry options. A pair of panties can definitely be washed and used again several times during your period. The beauty of it all is that every time you replace a disposable period protection solution with a reusable one, you are making a good choice for the environment.

"How often do you need to change panties?"

There is no simple answer - it's very individual and depends on both your flow and the absorbency of the panties you are using. Typically, a pair of panties will protect you around 8-16 hours at a time.

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