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Babymoon - all you need to know

Babymoon - all you need to know

A babymoon is popular way for parents-to-be to take a break before their baby is born. Read all about the babymoon phenomenon here!

What is a babymoon?

Whether you are pregnant for the first, second or third time, the first months with a newborn are a dizzying mix of physical and emotional ups and downs. As a prospective parent, you have an exciting yet challenging time ahead of you and it can be hard when you're pregnant to imagine what it will be like. Babymoons are a popular way for prospective parents like you to take a well-deserved break from all the demands and expectations before your baby is born. In the first few months, all parents struggle a lack of sleep, which makes a babymoon the prefect chance to charge your batteries! A babymoon is all about taking time for rest and recovery before a new chapter begins.

Babymoon ideas & destinations

Taking a babymoon doesn't require a massive budget or a luxurious trip abroad. It could be a staycation in your own city, a spa getwaway or why not a weekend spent in the great outdoors at the beach or in the mountains? Take a well-deserved break with your better half, friends or family, and make sure to rest and enjoy each other's company.

Babymoon - all you need to know

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When is the best time for a babymoon?

There is no right or wrong time to take a babymoon. But if you want to get maximum enjoyment from it, you will want to plan your break once the worst of your pregnancy symptoms have passed. Most pregnant women feel their best during the second trimester, but of course the third trimester is also a great time, when you may actually need it the most. Just remember not to plan it too late into your pregnancy, in case your baby arrives before your due date!

How to pack for your babymoon

A babymoon is about relaxation and rest. While relaxation means different things to different people, comfortable and relaxing clothes are a must. Below, we've compiled a list of our best styles for maximum relaxation, whether you're planning on spending time outdoors, or cuddled up on the couch watching Netflix.

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