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Our sustainable materials

Every new style in our collection has to meet rigorous criteria. First, it has to be a great idea that serves a purpose. Quality is paramount. It must fit well and be functional. It must also be certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

Our entire collection is made of sustainable materials that are all traceable from fibre to final garment. Here are the sustainable materials we use today:


Organic cotton

Organic cotton cultivation is based on long-term and sustainable methods. The cotton is grown without the use of harmful pesticides or fertilizers. Choosing organic cotton over traditionally grown cotton means making a choice that is better for cotton farmers as well as the environment. 

Recycled cotton

Recycled cotton is made from cotton waste that is reprocessed into a high-quality yarn. The benefits of using a pre-existing fiber are that water, energy and chemical use are drastically reduced. In addition, no pesticides are required and no arable land is used.




Lyocell is a cellulose fibre made from fast-growing eucalyptus and other woods from sustainably managed forests where cultivation requires only 5% of the water used in traditional cotton farming. The fibre is produced in a closed loop process, in which almost all of the water and chemicals are reused.

Lyocell is the generic name for the fiber, while Tencel® is a registered trademark. Lenzing, which owns Tencel®, was the first to put lyocell on the market and is still the world leader in lyocell production.

Organic wool

The merino wool we use is organic and GOTS certified. It comes from sheep that have been raised on South American farms where they are treated well and not subjected to mulesing because the farmers have a holistic perspective on animal welfare and the environment. In addition, fewer and better chemicals are used in the production process, from the cleaning of the fibers to the dyeing of the yarn. In other words, the best wool we could find.



Recycled polyamide

For our bras and sports leggings, tights and leggings we use Q-nova®, a yarn made from recycled industrial waste. For our swimwear we use ECONYL®. This yarn is made of post-consumer waste like old fishing nets and industrial waste that has been re-generated into new yarn. By using fabrics made of recycled materials we are helping to reduce landfills while saving the planet's natural resources of crude oil.








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