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Long live your clothes - and the environment

We work continuously to reduce our environmental impact, at all stages of the life cycle of our products. But when it comes to energy, the largest part is consumed when you wash and dry your clothes. By thinking about how you care for your clothes, you can help reduce your environmental footprint, and your clothes will last longer too.

Check out our green washing instructions here >


The most environment-friendly thing you can do when you have bought a new garment is to ensure that it is used for as long as possible. Keeping it in the loop, in its original form. Clothes from Boob are of a high quality. They are made to be used, washed and loved for a long, long time. When you no longer need them, sell them second hand or give them to a friend or charity. The possibility to rent your clothes instead of buying them is a good idea to keep in mind. Customers that live in Sweden now have the possibility to rent our garments through Hyber.



Do you have garments that you feel have done their job as clothes? Save them. There are lots of uses for cast-offs. Make a lovely cuddly toy, patch up another garment, make dusters – the list is infinite! There are also places to leave textiles for recycling, for example at major clothing chains.

If despite this, you still have a Boob garment that you no longer need or can make use of – send it to us. We ensure that it is kept in the loop, one way or another.

Find our postal address here >


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