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Pregnancy Yoga & Postpartum Yoga

Whether you’re a first-time expectant mom, or a seasoned mama of three, finding a free moment to focus on yourself can be tough. We want to inspire you to find those moments, and that's why we asked yoga teacher and mom, Hanna Linder, to highlight a few simple movements you can incorporate into your day. If time permits and you can carve out 15-30 minutes of me-time, Hanna has created pregnancy and postpartum yoga-inspired flows just for you. Be gentle with yourself and go at your own pace. Enjoy!

Yoga with Hanna Linder

15-minute yoga class

Yoga for strengthening the pelvis and back

With different leg exercises, starting from on all fours, this class focuses on strengthening the pelvic floor and butt muscles. We'll stretch the lower back and bottom in pigeon pose, and both begin and end this sequence by drawing deep, relaxing breaths. This sequence is safe for pregnant women, no matter what trimester.


15-minute yoga class

Yoga for stretching and strengthening the upper body

In this class, we focus on stretching the sides of the body, shoulders, and chest, taking deep breaths all the way down to the abdomen. With the help of frequent knee push-ups, dynamic movement of the shoulders and chest, and the half-bridge pose, this class works the entire body. Expect a few drops of sweat as you get deeper with each stretch, and to feel that you have worked all the major joints in your body. This sequence is safe for pregnant women, no matter what trimester.







30-minute yoga class






Movement 1: Modified Urdhva Dhanurasana, Wheel Pose

Strengthening, and having a connection to your pelvic floor and lower back is a good idea for all women, especially during and post pregnancy. This simple exercise helps you to find the muscles in your pelvic region. Lie on your back, keep your feet hip-width apart, press your feet equally down and lift your hips up. Move slowly, with awareness. Squeeze your pelvic floor when you press your hips up, and avoid activating your seat muscles. Repeat this 10-15 times. Postpartum mamas - why not use your baby as an extra weight!?




Movement 2: Circular movement with your upper body

Starting your morning off on the right breath is crucial. This series is intended to release and strengthen your oblique abdominal muscles and lower back. First move your body in gentle circles, making sure to let your spine follow the movement. Press your chest forward when you move forward and round your spine by shooting the shoulder blades away from your ears. Take a gentle stretch on each side, bring your hands over your head and look towards your hand to stretch your neck as well. Make sure both sitting bones are touching the mat to increase your stretch. Re-align, come back to center, and enjoy five deep inhales and exhales. This exercise can be done anytime throughout the day. Safe during and after pregnancy.








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