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Nursing pads

Looking for nursing pads made of organic cotton? Or wool breast warmers, perhaps? You've come to the right place! Here you'll find nursing pads and breast warmers from our sister company, Imse. The inserts are soft and flexible, absorb leaked milk, and keep your clothes dry. Choose breastfeeding pads from Imse if you want to make an environmental and economical choice.




Reusable and washable breast pads

Leaky breasts are not only something that can happen during breastfeeding, it can also start already halfway your pregancy, which is completely normal. If you are bothered by leaking breasts during pregnancy or breastfeeding, washable nursing pads are a great choice to protect your clothes. Washable nursing pads are not only good for the environment but also for your wallet. Simply a sustainable, economical and environmentally conscious alternative to disposable pads. Wash your nursing pads at 60 degrees. Tip! If you want to avoid having to search for your nursing pads in between all other laundry, we recommend putting them in a small laundry bag and then wash it together with the rest of your laundry.

Warming breast pads

Our breasts deserve some extra care and attention during both pregnancy and nursing. Sore nipples, sensitive skin, blocked milk ducts as well as mastitis are common issues during breastfeeding. Warming breast pads that are made of wool offer both a warming protection as well as a comfortable feeling and could potentially prevent mastitis. Merino wool keeps your breast warm even when it's moist. Warming breast pads can also be used after you're done nursing your baby, as an extra layer of protection during colder temperatures outdoors.

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