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Sustainable maternity wear from Boob Design

Our sustainable materials

Since 2008, we have increased the use of sustainable materials from 20% to 83% (measured by weight of our total production in 2015). We aim to make that figure 100%.

Here are the sustainable materials we use today:

Organic cotton

All cotton in our production is certified organic cotton. Organic cotton cultivation is based on long-term and sustainable methods. The cotton is grown without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Choosing organic cotton over traditionally grown cotton means making a choice that is better for cotton farmers as well as the environment. 



Lyocell is a cellulose fibre (sometimes sold under the brand name Tencel®). It comes from fast-growing eucalyptus grown in sustainable managed forests. The cultivation requires only 5% of the water used in traditional cotton farming. The fibre is also produced in a closed loop process, which means that almost all water and all chemicals are reused. 


Recylced polyester and polyamide

All fleece used in our collection is made from recycled plastic bottles. We also use polyamide made from recycled waste. By making new materials from waste, we save on the earth’s resources of crude oil and reduce the waste mountain. 


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