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Sustainable maternity wear - with care for people and environment

With care for people and environment

When you buy a garment from Boob, you buy a product that has been produced with care. Some of this you can see and feel for yourself, when you wear our clothes; the high quality is there at every stage, including design, function and choice of materials. What may be less obvious is the care we show for everything involved in the production; the people and the environment.


For us sustainable thinking starts at the design stage. Our first step is to create garments with a purpose. Then we make choices throughout the design and production process to minimize our impact on the environment. Most of all, we make clothes that are designed to be worn, washed and loved – over and over again.



Since 2008, we have increased the use of sustainable materials from 20% to 93% (measured by weight of our total production in 2016). We aim to make that figure 100%. The sustainable materials we use today are organic cotton, lyocell and recycled polyester and polyamide. Read more about our sustainable materials here



All our production takes place in Europe, 51% in Portugal and 49% in Turkey. We place high demands on our suppliers when it comes to environmental and social responsibility and we only work with factories that respect our Code of Conduct. We don’t just hunt for the lowest price and the speediest delivery. We strive to build long-lasting relationships with producers that share our basic values about human rights and caring for the environment. 


Our largest supplier is Irmaos Rodrigues located in Porto, Portugal. This is a sewing factory, specialised in the production of jersey. Perfect for Boob, in other words. They are responsible for almost half our garment production; 48% to be precise. And this is not by chance.

We have worked together with Irmaos Rodrigues since 2012. One reason is, of course, that they are skilled enough to deliver the high quality required of a Boob garment. But just as important for us, is that they share our values. They work hard to minimise their impact on the environment. They are also particular about offering good conditions for the people who work there. Irmaos Rodrigues currently employ 105 people, which makes them quite a small enterprise. The factory is a clean, nice and fair workplace. We visit every year, and our production agent goes there every week.

With Irmaos Rodrigues, we have a partnership based on a common understanding: that the responsibility for this planet, and the people who live here, is one that we must all share. 


For us, it is important that our clothes are free from harmful chemicals. Therefore, we require that our suppliers comply with the EU chemicals regulation REACH. Our garments are also certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, which means that they are tested for harmful substances. We promise clothes you can safely wear next to your skin and baby.


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