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Our design team in Stockholm put a lot of love and development into each and every garment, to get the best products is co-operation with factories as passionate as we a must! Our first priority is always a good work space and respect for human rights, as well as best available environmental practice. The factories shall be able to show certificates to proven their dedication in social criteria’s and environmental responsibility in order to be a Boob producer!

We keep track of every step from fiber to ready garment, why? We know that to keep our business clean and mind free it´s necessary. Some may say we made it difficult to narrow down our demands but we believe it is the opposite! By having a clear standing point we show our self and our customers that it is possible to make good without compromising.

Enjoy reading about the factories!


IRMAOS RODRIGUES, sewing, Portugal



CALZE ILEANA, hosiery and seamless, Italy



SAVAS, sewing, Greece



SML TEKSTIL, seamless, Turkey



ANISSA TEKSTIL, swimwear, Turkey


boob-gulteks-ss19 (2).jpg

GÜLTEKS TEKSTIL, sewing, Turkey



MEMTEKS, seamless, Turkey



IMPETUS, seamless and knitting, Portugal


KIRON, knitting, Morocco



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