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Boob is growing with a new CEO Lena Kinberg Södergren and board chairwoman Anna Klingspor

Boob is growing with a new CEO and board chairwoman

The entrepreneur behind the Swedish brand Boob, Mia Seipel, maps out a course for continued growth together with a new CEO and a new chairwoman. Since its inception 16 years ago Boob has grown organically and steadily increased revenues, last year by 23 percent. Boob is currently sold through retailers in 20 markets and through their own webshop to 55 markets. The focus is on innovative design, functionality and environmentally smart decision-making.


“Our functional design solutions for pregnant and nursing mothers are appreciated all over the world and sales have steadily increased, especially in the US and Germany. Now our new CEO, Lena Kinberg Södergren, is stepping in with the right capabilities to take us further. We have also strengthened the board with a new chairwoman, Anna Klingspor. I am happy and proud to have added two such talented people to the company,” says Mia Seipel, founder and Creative Director at Boob.

A niche business concept with global and digital potential

As CEO Lena Kinberg Södergren is responsible for developing Boob’s business strategy and preparing the organization for continued growth, particularly in export markets, which have seen growth since the company started in 2000, and in 2015 accounted for 79 percent of sales. Focus markets in the coming year are Germany and the United States, both of which are markets where Boob sees an increasing demand.


“It is exciting to be involved in running a Swedish brand that is so strong internationally. The target audience is well defined and global. It is constantly being renewed and becoming increasingly digital. The development of our online business fits our target audience and our niche concept perfectly. In the digital world there are cost-effective opportunities to grow and do business. I look forward to leading the organization and the company towards new goals,” says Lena Kinberg Södergren.

Target group with a focus on the future 

Boob started with an idea 16 years ago. Mia Seipel, who at that point had no children of her own, saw her sister breastfeeding out at a café.

“It was awkward for her to access her breast and the wind whistled around her post-baby belly,” says Mia Seipel.

So, back home at the drawing board, Seipel sketched out a solution for smart and stylish garments specially designed for breastfeeding, an innovation she then patented.

Today the collection has expanded and Boob offers a complete wardrobe of clothing, underwear, swimwear and sportswear with smart functions for pregnant and nursing women. Boob’s products are characterized by high quality at all levels, with consideration for the environment as well as everyone involved in the process.

“Boob started from an idea, and a concern for, mothers and children – a target group that is naturally focused on the future. For us at Boob it goes without saying that we as a company should act and make choices with care for the next generation. We therefore set high goals and a strict framework for our production. To begin with, our products should fulfill a purpose and have a well thought out and durable design. They should be made of materials that are as environmentally optimal as possible and be produced with as little environmental impact as possible. These are products that must withstand being used, washed and loved - hopefully by more than one mother. We aim to be at the forefront and show that it is possible to grow by making business decisions that are both sustainable and profitable,” says Mia Seipel.

Facts about Boob 

"Made with love for all motherkind!" Boob manufactures its products with concern for people and the environment. The company’s goal is to continue to grow by being both sustainable and profitable.

Roughly 47 million SEK last year - an increase of 23 percent from 2014.

Boob has increased and grown organically since its inception in 2000.

The company is 100 percent owned by founder Mia Seipel.

Boob's products are sold through retailers in 20 markets both in Europe and beyond, and to a total of 55 markets through Boob’s online store.

Boob established itself early in the export market. In 2015 export sales accounted for 79 percent of its revenue. Focus markets are Germany and North America.

83 percent of Boob’s products were made of sustainable materials in 2015. All production takes place in Europe and the entire collection is certified according to OEKO-TEX 100 to ensure the garments are tested for harmful chemicals. Boob also participates in research projects in Mistra Future Fashion, an organization that, among other things, aims to develop the sustainable materials of the future.

About Lena Kinberg Södergren, new Boob CEO 
Lena is educated as an economist with 25 years of experience in retail, where she has worked in senior positions in sales and purchasing for big Swedish companies like Indiska, NK and Åhléns. Her most recent role was as head of purchasing at Gudrun Sjödén Design. Lena took over the role as the new CEO of Boob on May 23, 2016.

About Mia Seipel, Boob’s founder and Creative Director 
Mia Seipel is educated as an art director with a background in advertising. She started Boob in 2000 and since then has served as CEO and Creative Director of the company. Starting in May 2016 Mia began focusing entirely on her role as Creative Director with responsibility for branding and marketing.

About Anna Klingspor, Chairwoman, Boob Design AB 
Anna Klingspor has over 20 years’ experience in creating and developing strong brands and has worked as a management consultant and in management positions at companies like Vin & Sprit, Arla Foods and Ramlösa. Anna took over as Chairwoman of Boob at the end of the year. She also works on other boards, such as Lernia and STF, the Swedish Tourist Association.

Wednesday 14 September, 2016


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