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Boob Autumn/Winter 2016 ā€“ A timeless collection with room for life

Boob Autumn/Winter 2016 ā€“ A timeless collection with room for life

The Swedish fashion manufacturer Boob presents the 2016 Autumn/Winter collection, which combines smart functions and well thought-out designs with room for life as a mother and personal style. In addition, the entire clothing collection is made in sustainable materials* and produced in Europe.

For the past 15 years, Swedish Boob has specialised in making clothes adapted for life as a mother as well as for a body in change. With a timeless look and high quality, Boob long-life garments are designed to be used, washed and loved by more than one mother. With Autumn/Winter 2016, Boob presents a smart collection with double function for pregnancy and nursing, and with room for life and the wearer’s personal style.

“You don’t need a completely new wardrobe when you are pregnant or nursing. Just the right one. We know that a couple of comfortable bottoms, together with flexible and nursing-friendly tops and dresses, can be real lifesavers that make life as a mother both simpler and more comfortable. But function must also be incorporated in a design that makes you feel attractive and free to keep your own personal style”, says Mia Seipel, founder and CEO at Boob.

Care, both for the mother who is wearing the garment, and for the future generation and the environment is fundamental at Boob. The brand makes clothes for the future – clothes that can be worn over and over again, and passed on to be loved by others too.

”With Autumn/Winter 2016, we are extra proud to present a clothing collection that is made entirely from sustainable materials*. Everything to help our customers make the greenest choice possible”, Mia Seipel adds.

The clothing collection is made in sustainable materials*, produced in Europe and certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

*Boob’s entire clothing collection is made in sustainable materials such as organic cotton, lyocell, recycled polyester and polyamide, with one exception: a knitted sweater made in Merino wool, a material not classified as sustainable by Boob. But nevertheless a great high-quality top in a long-lasting classic design.

Monday 16 May, 2016


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