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Boob celebrates 20 years in the service of mothers while looking ahead to the future

Since 2000, Boob has been at the forefront of smart design and durable products for the conscious mother. Focused on making clothes that fulfill a purpose, each garment is designed with smart double function for pregnancy and breastfeeding. Core to the company’s beliefs is making clothes that are produced with care about people and the environment, made in a style and quality that can be washed, loved and used—over and over again. This year, Boob celebrates its 20th anniversary with a collection made strictly according to "Boobs Sustainability Dogma".

The idea for Boob was born on a chilly autumn day in 1999 when founder Mia Seipel saw her sister breastfeeding with her stomach bare in the wind. A solution was born— Boob's patented breastfeeding garment quickly became a favorite among mothers worldwide. In 2020, Boob celebrates 20 years and begins the year by presenting a curated collection with the most important building blocks to solve women's needs through pregnancy and breastfeeding. For a garment to qualify in Boob's collection, it must meet strict criteria according to "Boob Sustainability Dogma".


Boob Sustainability Dogma

Each new product in Boob's collection must:
- Fulfill a clear purpose, or at best several.
- Be used for a long time and hopefully by more than one mother.
- Consist of long-lasting and durable material.
- Be certified GOTS and / or OEKO-TEX® Standard 100.
- Be responsibly produced.


“For two decades, the team at Boob has been working to make clothes that empower women during pregnancy and breastfeeding while caring about the future. Establishing a strict framework for why and how our garments are to be made has helped us to take our sustainability work forward and reach our intended goals. But we are not satisfied; we’re continuing our mission by being part of STICA, a Nordic initiative in the fashion industry where all member companies are dedicated to reducing their greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030,” says Mia Seipel CEO and creative director at Boob.

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