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Boob is proud to be transparent and durable, from thread to sweater

The UN Climate Summit in New York creates the perfect opportunity to continue the conversation on prevailing climate issues. Boob, a sustainable maternity and nursing brand, is willing to participate in an open and transparent dialogue with regard to production and sustainability issues. Boob has been a pioneer in sustainability since its inception in 2000 and has worked to ensure that all production takes place with great care for both people and the environment.

Since spring 2018, the entire collection is made of durable materials, and Boob is completely transparent with how each garment is manufactured, from thread to finished product. Boob is a GOTS-certified company (Global Organic Textile Standard), an international standard that includes social and environmental requirements for all stages of production, from fiber to finished product. Boob is also one of the member companies in STICA (The Swedish Textile Initiative for Climate Action), a Nordic initiative in the fashion industry, where all members are dedicated to reducing their greenhouse gas emissions by at least 50% by 2030.


“Second to the oil industry, the fashion industry is responsible for the most emissions. That's why Boob—making clothes for mothers to wear, cherish, and pass on—has made the goal of reducing its environmental impact a primary company objective. The participation in STICA is a way for the brand, together with other members, to work to make a difference and reduce their collective emissions faster. To offer a collection entirely made from durable materials that are traceable from fiber to finished garments, we see as a cornerstone of our company's ethos," says Mia Seipel, founder, CEO, and creative director at Boob.


Read more about how Boob works with sustainability here. 

Read more about STICA here.



About Boob: Boob was founded in Sweden in 2000 by Mia Seipel, based on the idea of designing smart and stylish clothes for nursing moms. Boob’s patented nursing wear soon became beloved by mothers all over the world. Today Boob offers a complete wardrobe of innovative clothes and underwear with smart double functions for pregnancy and nursing and has become the sustainable brand for mothers. The collection is made with great care for both people and planet. Since 2018, 100% of the total production IS made of sustainable materials. The brand is available on and through retailers in over 20 countries.


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