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Boob creates the ultimate Fall Statement T-Shirt for moms, designed by Emelie Törling

The Stockholm-based sustainable maternity and nursing brand continues to empower motherhood everywhere with a statement-making T-shirt perfect for autumn.

Boob, the premier destination for sustainable and stylish products that celebrate all stages of motherhood, is proud to announce this season’s Chari-Tee. Designed by artist and designer Emelie Törling, the charitable design features the phrase, “Damn you're a good mother!” in mirrored print. The Chari-Tee gives moms all over the globe a well-deserved pep talk.

Made out of organic cotton with a smart nursing function hidden under the front panel, the Chari-Tee is a statement T-shirt designed to fit just as well during both pregnancy and nursing. Five percent of the profits from each Chari-Tee sold will go to Every Mother Counts, a global non-profit organization that works to make pregnancy and childbirth safe for moms everywhere.

This season’s look was inspired by artist and designer Emelie Törling. “A white T-shirt is the best thing ever,” Emelie told us while discussing her design for the Chari-Tee. “I created the print by hand with a brush and oil paint, because I wanted it to feel human. I hope that it becomes the garment that nursing moms choose over and over again when they look in their wardrobes in the morning.”

Read the entire interview with Emelie here

While this season’s design is new, the idea isn’t. “Chari-Tee is a recurring concept that Boob launched in the spring of 2018. This season we collaborated with Emelie Törling, an inspirational woman and mother who shares our values of sustainability,” says Mia Seipel, Boob’s founder and Creative Director.

Material: 100% organic cotton
Available in sizes S-L
Recommended price: 69 USD / 79 CAD / 54.95 EUR
Product link here.

About Boob

Boob was founded in Sweden in 2000 by Mia Seipel, based on the idea of designing smart and stylish clothes for nursing moms. Boob’s patented nursing wear soon became beloved by mothers all over the world. Today Boob offers a complete wardrobe of innovative clothes and underwear with smart double functions for pregnancy and nursing and has become the sustainable brand for mothers. The collection is made with great care for both people and planet. In 2017 97% of the total production was made of sustainable materials. The brand is available on and through retailers in over 20 countries.

For more information, contact:
Sheena Ruffin, PR


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