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20 years in a world of mothers

For 20 years, our full focus has been on mothers in all forms and phases. And we never cease to be fascinated by the amazing journey from pregnancy to becoming a parent. It is in this, and in the needs of mothers that we find our inspiration. Read more about our own journey here.

The idea for Boob was born on a windy autumn day as I watched my sister Lotta breastfeed her newborn son Emil, as the north wind swept around her belly. As the north wind swept around her bare belly, it gave me the shivers. Surely there had to be a way to make clothes for nursing that wouldn’t require you to expose yourself to the elements! One year later, in the fall of 2000, the first shipment of Boob nursing tops arrived at the “warehouse”…. Which at that time was my closet, at home in my apartment! It was time to start selling.




Easier said than done. The buyers at the large department stores and chains were, quite understandably, hesitant about the new and completely untested innovation. But with support and orders from smaller retailers, Boob entered the market and won our first customers.

Mothers are fantastic to work with; they are a force of nature. They are looking for solutions to problems that can simplify their everyday lives, and if they find something that works, they are more than happy to spread the word. For an entrepreneur with a non-existent marketing budget, those first “Boob moms” were invaluable. The rumor spread, and within a few years, retailers around the world were selling Boob.




That more than 20 years have passed since I sewed the very first Boob sweater at home on my sewing machine feels unreal. Nothing is the same, and at the same time, everything is. Finding smart solutions that make life easier for women during pregnancy and nursing is still our mission. And creating and manufacturing our clothes with care for both people and the environment is, and always has been, something we do naturally. At the same time, we have the privilege of meeting new customers every day, and can follow along on their amazing new journeys through motherhood. That is what gives me, and all of us at Boob, the inspiration to constantly find new, smart solutions that are sustainable both for you as a mother and for the future.

Hope to see you on the journey ahead! And if you have thoughts, ideas and feedback on how we can get better, email us at

XOXO Mia Seipel, founder of Boob






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