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The ultimate fleece hoodie that helps you through the daily challenges, whether you're pregnant or have a new baby

The story behind Ready Flex Fleece

We called the Ready Flex Fleece a super hero hoodie. Read more about why and learn how the idea of a fleece hoodie with extra all was born.

-When I came up with the idea for Boob’s patented nursing wear I didn’t, as most people assumed, have any children of my own. They arrived several year later, but then in close succession. Two amazing girls, born 21 months apart. When my youngest was newborn, her sister had already started walking. Her little legs were very fast but she hadn’t learnt to talk, let alone listen. I so well remember standing in a park quite close to Boob’s headquarters. In the pram was my handbag with valuables. As I was nursing the baby, my toddler speeded towards a busy street totally ignoring my cries of warning.

This episode was the inspiration for creating a real super-garment to equip mothers for all the challenges motherhood may bring. The result was Ready Flex Fleece. Or the 007 sweater as we call it here at Boob. Fully loaded with a practical double function for both pregnancy and nursing.

One garment - many smart functions

The super hero garment has all of these smart funtions:

  • Double function for pregnancy and nursing
  • Boob's smart nursing function
  • Hood buttoned at neck
  • Warming cuff with thumb hole
  • Sleeve pocket, for e.g. mobile phone
  • Generous back pockets for dummies, tissues, etc.
  • Zipped side slits for adjustable fit
  • Extra length at back to protect you when sitting on cold surfaces
  • Made from recycled polyester


"This is the sweater I wished I had on that day nine years ago. I hope that Ready Flex Fleece is a sweater that you will discover and enjoy."

Mia Seipel, founder of Boob och inventor of the Ready Flex Fleece


With care for the future

And naturally we think that a super hero garment for mothers should be made with care for the future. This is why Ready Flex Fleece is made from recycled polyester. It takes twelve 1.5 litre plastic bottles to make on Ready Flex Fleece.


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