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Boob Design nursing bra tips

Our best tips when choosing a nursing bra!

A functional and comfortable nursing bra is the most essential in a pregnant or nursing mother’s wardrobe. Many women find that the shape of their breasts change already during pregnancy, and then it could be smart to go for a comfortable bra which you can also use when nursing.

Finding the right bra for a changing body can be a challenge and we are happy to share our best tips for selecting a bra that fits perfectly on you.

One hand inside
Your breast change during pregnancy and nursing. Therefore, it is a good idea to choose a nursing bra where you can fit one hand inside the cup, so that the size is flexible and allows space for nursing pads if necessary.

Give chafing a miss
Choose a stretchy, flexible, seamless and unwired bra, and there will be no chafing seams. This is especially important if you use the nursing bra at night.

Fasten properly
Remember that the bottom elastic may stretch with time. When you try on the bra, always fasten it on the outermost hooks, and choose a bra with a smaller girth if the bra rides up too much in the back. If trying out a bra towards the end of pregnancy, start with the outer hooks, or use the hook-and-eye extension for size adjustment. In this way, the bra can be reduced in size after the baby is born.

Move around
When you try on a bra, move around, stretch your arms above your head and to the sides, lean forward, or walk on the spot. This way you will find out if the bra offers good support and feels comfortable.

To be able to serve your baby quickly and easily it is important to have easy access to your breasts. Check the bra clips - are they easy to unclip and clip with one hand?

Get dressed
It is a good idea to try the bra with a top over it. Then you can see what it will look like under your clothes.

How to get a great fit?
Adjust and tighten the shoulder straps until they fit well. The cup should not wrinkle or slip down over the bust. If so, the cup is too big. The bust should not cut into the edges of the bra. If so, the cup is too small.

Tips & advice - Boob Fast Food bra seamless


With our seamless nursing bras there is no chafing. The materials are flexible enough to adjust to breasts that change in size and firm enough to give comfortable support. The size of the underband can be adjusted with the extra hook & eye extension. The cups open with one hand, for easy breastfeeding. In short, a comfortable and super-flexible nursing bra that adjusts to a changing body and works all the way though pregnancy and nursing.

When you buy your nursing bra while pregnant

  • When trying out a bra in the beginning of pregnancy, use the inner hooks to start with so that the bra can grow with you.
  • If trying out a bra towards the end of pregnancy, start with the outer hooks, or use the hook-and-eye extension for size adjustment. In this way, the bra can be reduced in size after the baby is born and will fit well throughout nursing.
  • Remember that the shape of your breasts can change when you are nursing, and that you may need space for nursing pads. 

Tips & advice - Boob Fast Food Sports bra


With our Fast Food Sports bra you get a bra with proper support without compromising on comfort. The bra has relieving, padded shoulder straps and racer back for maximum freedom of movement. The material is moisture wicking and fast drying, and smart nursing clips make breastfeeding easy with a simple click. A nursing bra with all the features you need from a really good sports bra, and more besides.

To think about when you buy a Fast Food Sports bra

Fast Food Sports bra offers extra support and the bra should fit tight under the bust to do its work. To find the right size – measure according to our size guide below and remember that the under-bust measurement should be tight.

What size should you choose?
Guide to all our Fast Food nursing bras.

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