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Fast Food nursing bra from Boob Design

Guide to all our Fast Food nursing bras

All women are different. Our curves and shapes make us unique, not least when we are pregnant. But many women outgrow their bra already at the beginning of pregnancy. We believe that buying a nursing bra that you can only use for a few months is a waste of both money and resources. This is why we have made Fast Food, the nursing bra that grows with you and your breasts. And, that fits just as comfortably during pregnancy as nursing.

Fast Food nursing bras are seamless, so there is no chafing. The materials are stretchy, allowing the bra to grow with your breasts, and sturdy enough to offer comfortable support. The circumference is easily adjusted with our the additional hook & eye extension. Clips allow you to open the cups simply with one hand. The result is a super-flexible nursing bra that adjusts perfectly to a changing body. And which lets you nurse simply, comfortably and in style.

Last but not least, all Fast Food come in a lovely, flirty design. We think that you, as a mother, are fantastic. Our mission is to make you feel and look just as amazing as you are, all the way down to your skin. 

Which Fast Food should I choose?

Which model fits you best depends on a number of things. For example, the size of your breasts. If your bust is large, it is good to have a nursing bra that offers proper support and relief. If your breasts are small, a neater model may be the perfect choice. All our models are labelled medium, firm or extra firm support to help you find the right one. Where you are going to wear your bra is also important. In the gym, the park or at home with your baby? There is a Fast Food for every need.    

Many mothers like wearing a nursing bra all the time. Day and night. You may like to have more than one bra, so that you always have a clean and dry one to change into. Fast Food comes in many models and colours. Which are your favourites?

Fast Food nursing bra with soft support

Fast Food nursing bra with medium support

Fast Food nursing bra with firm support

Fast Food nursing bra with extra firm support

What size should I choose?

Most women need a larger size when nursing. Some need to go up several sizes during pregnancy; others just notice that their breasts become a little fuller. It is most likely that the bra size you take during the last three months of pregnancy is the one you will need while nursing.

Milk production starts when your baby is born. During the first days, your breasts may become surprisingly bigger and engorged. But this will pass. Once breastfeeding has become established your breasts will reduce in size and become softer again. And they will normally remain this size throughout nursing.

Read more about how to choose the right size in our size guide for bras

Sustainable next to your skin

Boob exists because babies are born. It’s only natural that we make our nursing bras with care for their future. When you buy a Fast Food bra, you buy a product that is made with care for both people and the environment.

All Fast Food models, like the rest of the Boob collection, are certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. This certifies that all components of the garments are tested for harmful substances.

Read more about our sustainability work here

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