B.Warmer - with hidden talents
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Boobdesign B.Warmer top Emmas vintage

B.Warmer - garments with hidden talents

Discover the B.Warmer garments that keep you warm where you need it most.

Mastitis. One of these strange words that can suddenly enter the life of new mothers. If you’re among us who have experienced this, you’ll know how important it is to keep your breasts warm and protected from draughts. If you’ve been lucky to escape, we can assure you that it’s worth every effort to prevent this painful experience.

B.Warmer are garments with hidden talents. A supple fleece lining across the bust keeps you warm exactly where needed. The B.Warmer series consists of singlet, sweater, hoodie and dress. All styles are made in organic cotton and the fleece lining is made from recycled PET bottles.


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