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Boob giftguide maternity wear

Gift guide for mums

Need help picking the perfect present? We've put together our best tips for different stages of motherhood – and for all different types of mums. Make a mother happy this holiday season, find inspiration for your own wish list or treat yourself to something extra special.

For the pregnant mother-to-be


1. Ruched top long sleeve An excellent base layer on chilly days and a perfect fit, even with a bump.

2. Fast Food Bra A flexible and seamless nursing bra with no chafing points.

3. Once-on-never-off leggings Leggings that make you say “Ah!” with plenty of support and room for a bump.

4. Ruched singlet Soft, flexible, and long enough to cover the gap over a growing belly, this ultra-flattering singlet is the ultimate base layer. 

5. Once-on-never-off skirt This stylish essential completes any outfit and adapts to changing curves.


For mums who are about to pop


1. Fast Food T-shirt Bra Ultimate coverage, comfort and support, especially for bigger busts.

2. Nightdress The envy of the maternity ward, and perfect for coming home in, too.

3. Once-on-never-off loose pants Leo Snazzy leopard-print bottoms that offer ultimate comfort and style even post pregnancy. 

4. Classic tank top This beloved top is a motherhood wardrobe essential with easy access for nursing.

5. Washable pads 6-pack Indispensible and handy nursing gear that are ideal for the hospital bag as well as for the diaper bag.


For mums that have loads of style but not as much time


1. Fast Food Bra - Free The nursing bra that’s supportive, functional and oh-so-stylish.

2. Long sleeve top Simone An everyday classic in comfy cotton.

3. Dress Uma Smart, casual and ready for anything.

4. Top Wrap Effortlessly chic and comfortable.

5. Dress Audrey The dress that says, “I got this.” 


For yoga- and gym-loving mums 


1. Fast Food Sports Bra Our award-winning hybrid: an all-in-one sports bra + nursing bra!

2. Once-on-never-off leggings Leo Flex comfortably, with or without a belly.

3. Fast Food Soft Sports Bra Ultimate comfort and support for light workouts.

4. Fast Food Sports tank top High-performance, moisture-wicking top with built-in nursing access.


For mums who love winter sports


1. B.Warmer huvtröja Warmth over the bust where it’s needed most.

2. Fast food singlet - Merinowool Activewear with a built-in bra and cold weather bust protection.

3. Fast Food Bra - Merinowool The ultimate for active mums – made of warm, breathable and moisture-wicking natural fiber.

4. Windblocker Fleece With a wind-proof membrane, it keeps the bust safe from the wind and cold even on the ski slope. 

5. Ready Flex Fleece Cold weather gear that makes you feel like a supermum.


For mums planning holidays in the sun


1. Classic top v-neck The classic that’s prepared for any situation with discreet and easy nursing access.

2. Fast Food tankini The swimsuit for bikini mums.

3. Fast Food swimsuit Chic swimwear with easy access and room for a belly.

4. Once-on-never-off loose pants The ultimate traveling trousers, perfect for long flights as well as breezy nights.

5. Ruched singlet Nursing access never looked so stylish.

6. Once-on-never-off skirt Fits in a suitcase, and fits all curves - bump or no bump!


For mums who like getting cozy at home


1. Pyjama top Comfy, easy access by night – or by day. 

2. Nightdress Pretty and comfy with easy access for nighttime nursing.

3. Knitted sweater - Merinowool Stay cozy in style in super-soft merino wool.

4. Pyjama pants For comfy days and nights - with or without a bump.

5. Once-on-never-off loose pants The pants that live up to their name!


For mums who like to be the toast of the town


1. Dress Braidy Invisible nursing access with room for a bump.

2. Fast Food Bra - Leo A little feisty underneath the fancy.

3. Dress Leo Instant glamor, with or without a bump.

4. Tights Sleek and supportive with space for a growing belly. 

5. Dress Ginger The dress that adds cheer to any holiday gathering.


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